A How to Insert Line in Word for Resume

A How to Insert Line in Word for Resume


How to Insert Line in Word for Resume

You're writing your resume, but there's a line missing, or something's not quite right. What do you do? Create your own line of text using the dialog boxes and line tool of Microsoft Word.



Hello, If someone could help, I’d appreciate your time.; I used the MS Word resume template: “Blue Grey Resume Template”.; It is breaking my top section away from the bottom section as I add text.; I did the HOME > SHOW FORMATTING to see if I could delete a hard page break.; I don’t see a hard page break.; There is a “content control” line symbol there but I’m afraid to delete it since it seems to dictate the level at which text begins.; I’ve never used a “content control” line symbol like that before.; It looks like the text below the line symbol is a two-column table.; I’ve searched in the HELP section and on internet, but I’m stumped and don’t know what to do.

If you are convinced that this option exists, then it is probably because you have noticed it on someone elses document. And the fact that you simply remembered seeing it is a testament to how effective a page element these artistic and decorative lines can be. Most Word documents all look very similar, so something unusual can be a large factor in getting your document to stand out. I had simply assumed that these different horizontal lines I was seeing in Word documents were being inserted as pictures, but they are a different element than that. Read the tutorial below to learn how to find and insert these decorative horizontal lines.


Provided it's switched on, Word's AutoFormat feature makes it possible for you to add a line with just four key presses. Type three hyphens in a row on an otherwise blank line and then press "Enter" to create a thin, solid line; using three underscores instead will result in a thicker solid line, while using three equal signs will result in a double line. Three asterisks will turn into a dotted line and three tildes into a wavy line, while three pound signs will result in a triple line. To check if AutoFormat is on, click the "File" tab, "Options" and then select the "Proofing" tab. Click the "AutoCorrect Options" button, the "AutoFormat as You Type" tab and enable the "Border Lines" option.

I have the same problem, horizontal word shortcuts got turned off, and I can’t find the option to turn it back on. Under Proofing, I go to AutoCorrect Options, but I don’t see anything in any of the tabs relating to horizontal lines or saying “Symbol characters with symbols” like you said in your post: “check off all the options that allow Word to replace text with symbols. The specific one for this technique is ‘Symbol characters with symbols’.” (Source: royalwise.com)



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