A Grammarly Resume Template

A Grammarly Resume Template

Grammarly Resume Template


Grammarly is a free online program that offers powerful word-processing features that let you write and edit text quickly, accurately, and confidently, at any time, from anywhere. They’ve designed the grammar-checking feature to work with and not interfere with your work so you can focus on what’s most important—your career. Download your free grammar-checker tool and get your résumé polished to perfection with this professional resume template created by Grammarly.



Grammarly’s writing suggestions help you zero in on the mot juste in a few ways. With a click, you can pull up a selection of synonyms. Or, Grammarly’s suggestions can offer refinements to make what you’ve written more engaging. For instance, if you’re inclined to state that you “led” a project, consider for more specific, compelling verbs that illustrate your accomplishments: “orchestrated,” “oversaw,” “optimized,” or “formalized.”

That is why using Grammarly is worth its value for most job seekers. There are colleges like the University of Phoenix and University of South Florida who provide the use of the software for students. Naysayers argue that proofreading software does not recognize, and cannot address context or recognize the less obvious grammar rules. This is true. That is where the human eye is the most important, but if most people can assess the context well enough beyond their spelling and verb tense Achilles heel, then Grammarly will add value. (Source: thevoiceofjobseekers.com)



Grammarly bills itself as the most accurate grammar checker. How true is it? Let’s find out. Of course, it is much better than your typical checker since it scans for more than 150 advanced grammatical rules. Additionally, the spellings and contextual errors are checked by Grammarly as well. However, we cannot expect any tool to work with 100% accuracy, and Grammarly falls in the same category. There will be some errors caught by Grammarly on which you won’t agree with the tool sometimes. But, it is much better than the other tools available and works much more accurately than them. Even the built-in grammar checker of the MS word cannot compete with Grammarly. Just write a paragraph and compare the errors caught by the Grammarly tool and the grammar checker of the MS word, you will get to know the difference yourself.

Grammarly can be used with MS word or as an online dashboard, similar to google docs. Additionally, it can also be installed as a plugin on the chrome browser. If you are using it as a Chrome extension, you can log in and check your work online. You can paste your work on the dashboard or start writing. The errors will be pointed out with the red underline. Just click on the line below, and you will be provided the suggestions to replace the error. Moreover, the tool will also provide detailed information on the grammatical rule you made a mistake. (Source: www.freshers360.com)


Each job you held should be followed by a few bullet points which list your achievements and duties. It would also be a good idea to include a quantifiable data point. For example, if you were responsible for hiring new staff at a job you had, include the number of staff members you hired. Also, don’t use the formulation “responsible for hiring new staff.” Use active verbs instead, and say “hired twelve new staff members.”

However, if you’re writing a functional or a combination résumé, your skills section is the most important part. Choose between three and five skills that are most relevant to the job you’re applying for and list them in the section. For each of the skills, create a bullet-point list of at least three items that support the skill. Remember to use active verbs and quantifiable points when possible. When you finish, your skills section should look similar to how professional experience sections look in chronological résumés. (Source: www.grammarly.com)


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