A Ginny and Georgia Cast Age

A Ginny and Georgia Cast Age

Ginny and Georgia Cast Age

Ever notice that movies that take place in the past are always shown in black-and-white? Ginny and Georgia are ready to make a change. They’ll redecorate their home and create a different presentation of the past every week. They hope that with this project, they’ll help you notice the way our world has really changed.



Ginny & Georgia might totally surprise you and not just because of all the explosive drama that goes on throughout the show's impressive first season. While it might not totally look it, a huge chunk of the series follows Ginny as she makes new friends and finds her footing at the local high school which she just started at. Of course, as we've seen with some of our favorite teen shows, these actors are definitely not teens anymore. But who just recently graduated from high school? And who has said goodbye to it a long time ago?

Ginny and Georgia came into our lives just a few months ago, in February 2021. So there is this 30-year-old mother, less mature than her 15-year-old daughter Ginny, who moves into a new town in New England with her 9-year-old son 15-year-old and daughter after the death of her husband. The story moves on as -spoiler alert- her daughter loses her virginity to someone she has just met and Georgia smoking Marijuana with a friend with flashbacks of Georgia’s dark, abusive background, how she got pregnant at the age of 15, and how did the husband suddenly die. (Source: upcomingseason.com)


Ginny turns 16. Paul debates Cynthia and later plays with Austin and advises him about his conflict with Zach. Georgia is embezzling at the office, and calls to hire someone called Marty for a secret job. Georgia's family quarrels over dinner; after dinner Paul visits Georgia and stays overnight. Georgia arranges a party and sleepover with Ginny's friends Max, Norah, and Abby, to keep Ginny's birthday weekend celebration under her protection; the party is crashed by Nick, with Gabriel in tow, and Georgia calls Gabriel by his real name. Gabriel gets a phone call about medical tests that showed Georgia's husband to be in excellent health shortly before his death. Ginny's friends, having raided Georgia's liquor cabinet, sneak with Ginny over to Maxine's home and are joined by others, mainly their boyfriends and girlfriend, for a drinking party while Maxine's parents are away. Georgia finds out and reports them, and they're raided by police. Paul goes to bail Ginny out while Georgia flashes back to a time when she was arrested and nearly lost custody of Ginny. Georgia tells Ginny about how her stepfather abused her, causing her to run away from home, and later adds that she hasn't gotten her inheritance and is broke. Austin goes back to school but loses his nerve and runs off.

Ginny is a sophomore in high school, and has a birthday party in the show, making her 15 going on 16 throughout much of the series. If Georgia was 15 when she had Ginny, she would be 30-31 in the show’s present timeline. In the show, the two boast about a 15 year age gap; however, the actor behind Ginny, Antonia Gentry, is playing a character much younger than she is. (Source: www.cheatsheet.com)


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