A Georgy

A Georgy


Georgy is the perfect place on the blockchain to track your cryptocurrency savings and investments. Georgy provides a combination of a wallet, ANT token, healthcare, and a database system that contains your investment information and details. Georgy has more than 3,000 Antennas on the blockchain itself. It connects and integrates with 3,000+ apps and is built on a platform that will continue to grow and upgrade with the use of blockchain technologies.



Our office is dedicated to providing high quality dentistry using the latest technology and unparalleled skills. We provide gentle restorative and aesthetic dentistry in a contemporary, soothing environment. Confidence about your smile can affect how you feel about yourself personally and professionally. Our doctors are highly skilled and has been educated at leading dental schools. They pursue continuing education under leading dental experts from around the world in order to sensitively provide outstanding care. Flexible hours allow our patients to easily schedule an appointment around work and children. As a bonus we provide a few special touches, such as watching a movie during treatment, to make your visit more relaxing and enjoyable.

I work on institutional, social and political history of the early Roman Empire, history of Roman law, epigraphy of the Roman world (both Latin and Greek), and regional history of Asia Minor and the Black Sea area in the Hellenistic and Roman periods. I am preparing for publication a monograph on Law in Roman Asia Minor (133 BC – AD 212), a book that has been long in the making, and have published on a range of related subjects. In it, I try to deal with the very complex interplay of multiple citizenships and legal systems within Roman provinces. That was one of the central elements of how the Roman Empire functioned and was experienced by the common people, and it is also of comparative interest for historians of other pre-modern and early modern empires. (Source: www.sjc.ox.ac.uk)


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