A Georgia Deer Season

A Georgia Deer Season

Georgia Deer Season

The Georgia deer hunting season opened on Saturday, April 7, but some private family deer hunts started up a few days earlier. Access Permits and Privilege Cards are now available and a few restrictions on firearms are in place this year to slow down hunting and reduce the suffering of deer.



Archery hunting is allowed during primitive weapon and firearm deer seasons. Deer of either sex may be taken, except as otherwise specified on WMAs. Hunting on the Chattahoochee & Oconee National Forests is buck-only except as otherwise specified, see Private Lands Opportunities and Federal Area Regulations for details. Archery hunters must wear at least 500 square inches of daylight fluorescent orange during primitive weapons and firearms deer seasons, except in archery-only counties or WMAs.

CCWA is now accepting 2021 Archery Deer Hunting applications. The number of permits issued are determined using a lottery system based on timber harvest activities and available hunt areas. Applicants are selected in August using a lottery to fill slots. Preference is given to Clayton County applicants, with any remaining slots filled by other county residents. Once lottery selection has taken place, notification letters are mailed and fees are due in September. (Source: www.ccwa.us)


Georgia makes it easy and safe to hunt wildlife each year, this year in particular game checks will be introduced to report harvest of alligators as well. Everything  with wildlife conservation efforts made the more you can get to other people to join you the more fun you will have as well acan be done from the conveniences of a mobile device. This is great because there is such natural diversity that is offered and helpss making a strong positive impact on the natural environment.

In addition to hunter education certificates, hunting licenses are required to hunt within the state. The type of license you need will depend on your age, the type of game being hunted, and your residency status. There are numerous licenses, both free and paid which may be required. Always be sure to check which license you need to hunt a particular game animal and that you’re carrying the correct licenses and permits with you, before heading out on your hunt. (Source: www.huntingsmart.com)


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