A Gatech Resume Review

A Gatech Resume Review

Gatech Resume Review


A resume is an important tool for getting employment in an industry where the hiring process is competitive. A well-written resume sets you apart from many other job candidates and should be a reflection of your skills and abilities. CareerBuzz's resume review service can help you get your resume in shape for employment at the best companies. Their services include resume critiques, cover letter help, resume development and even a resume writing workshop.

Georgia Tech


Debating on enrolling for a M.S. in Computer Science at Georgia Tech taking the Machine Learning specialization. Has anyone looked into the OMSCS program? I would mainly want it for the programming refresh, algorithms, and ML content. I have an undergrad degree in computer engineering and grad degree in computer engineering. It seems like a good way to transition back to development from cyber and adjunct teaching later. Also looking forward at Bay Area future opps.

My son got waitlisted in UC Berkley but got into UCLA, UCI, UCSD (all of them in their Regents program with $5K yearly scholarship) and Georgia Tech. His major is Data Science and we live in California. Any advice on what to choose if he cannot make it to Berkley? (Source: www.glassdoor.com)



Apply to the jobs you want before the career fair. I have found over the years that the most common thing to be told by a recruiter at the fair is, "go apply online." If you've already applied online to all the companies you're planning on talking to at the fair before you get to the fair, when this comment comes up, you can tell them you already have. From here, one of two things will probably happen: 1) This will turn your conversation with the recruiter to legitimate stuff that could actually help your chances of getting an interview, or 2) they will say, "great, good for you" and you'll be on your way to the next table in a shorter amount of time.

Research the career fair ahead of time. I spent the week before making a list of the companies I wanted to visit, as well as the location of their booth at the career fair. I used this site to do so. It allows you to filter your results, so I filtered it down so that I had only a list of companies that were hiring undergrad MEs for full time positions, and I also split them up based on which days they would be attending. I then took that list and went to each company's website to check them out, thus allowing me to narrow them down even more. Eventually I had a short list of only a dozen or so companies that I was truly interested in. Write down the booth number next to the company name, and you'll greatly reduce the amount of time you spend at the fair standing off in the corner, looking at the huge list of companies and trying to decide who to visit. (Source: www.reddit.com)


Make different versions of your resume. One to give to the HR and one for an engineer. For example I am a CompE. I have three different resumes. One where I emphasize specifically on my Networking side (put more emphasis on projects and classes that deal with Networking). Another one for Embedded System Dev (same with this) and then one that's lists a general projects and nothing too specific(but still my projects are very specific in the resume like the APIs I used and things like that). The day before the fair I usually look at all the companies and their job postings and note them down and give a resume to a corresponding company depending on whether I'm talking to an HR or an Engineer. Hope this helps.

Does mck really open doors? I’m an industry hire Asc without an MBA and without a brand name degree (think top state school engineering program like Georgia tech, Michigan, UT Austin, etc). I wasn’t qualified for any sexy job (couldn’t even get an interview at Amazon) but somehow I got into McK because case interviews seem to align well with my natural logical thought process. I’ve been at the firm for close to a year now and don’t feel like a top performer. What type of exit opp is available? (Source: www.glassdoor.com)


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