A Future Stars of Sports Petersburg

A Future Stars of Sports Petersburg

Future Stars of Sports Petersburg

The NBA G League is similar to the NHL’s “American Hockey League” or the MLB’s “Class AA” league. It operates much like the minor leagues do, except that the G League is essentially a recognition of affiliations from the NBA franchised clubs. To make a quick comparison with the sports mentioned, the G League is the minor league of the NBA.


The WTA Future Stars platform was established in Singapore in 2014 and began with just 12 markets and 24 players in its first year. Each market sends two participants – one each in the U14 and U16 categories, with host nation, China, being represented by a total of eight players. Four Chinese players in each age group will be selected through the Chinese Tennis Association qualification process. One player in each age group will come from the Gemdale Junior Tour, which is run by Gemdale Sports, the official event promoter and presenting sponsor of the Shiseido WTA Finals Shenzhen.

Ajax currently have the right to wear three stars since they have won the league more than 30 times. PSV have the right to wear two stars with their 21 league titles, while Feyenoord and HVV Den Haag can add one for their 15 and 10 titles, respectively. HVV won all titles before 1915 and is currently playing in the fourth level of the Dutch league system. In Malta, Floriana, Valletta and Sliema Wanderers boast 2 golden stars on their badges having won 25, 20 and 26 titles, respectively, while Hibernians have one star thanks to their 10 titles. No other team in the Maltese League has the golden star on their badge. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)


In the equipment regulations for FIFA competitions, section 16.1 states, "Those Member Associations that have won one or more of the previous editions of the FIFA World Cup or the FIFA Women's World Cup may display on the Playing Equipment used by their first men's or women's representative teams a five-pointed star, or other symbol as instructed by FIFA, per edition of the FIFA World Cup (men's shirt) or FIFA Women's World Cup (women's shirt) won by the Member Association."

Major League Soccer's previously informal system, one star per MLS Cup title, was standardised in 2006, with the defending champions wearing the MLS Scudetto, like the Serie A system, for one season before adding a new star. Starting in 2012, the Scudetto was replaced with a single gold star worn by reigning champions above any other silver championship stars. In 2016, this system changed again in recognition of the LA Galaxy's fifth championship title: champion clubs during their title defence will wear a large gold star (featuring the year of the league win) above other smaller stars set in silver; clubs with five championships (presently only the Galaxy) will wear one gold star; and teams with one-to-four MLS Cup wins will wear one silver star for each victory. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)



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