A Future Stars Mens Gymnastics 2018 Region 1

A Future Stars Mens Gymnastics 2018 Region 1

Future Stars Mens Gymnastics 2018 Region 1

Each contest offers a new experience and exciting opportunities. But the 2018 edition is even more so than the 2017 or 2016 editions. This is how you pick your future stars!


The Junior National Development Team is determined through the use of a "Future Stars" National Championships/Evaluation held in the fall of each year. The competition targets the 10, 11, and 12-year old age groups of athletes and involves athletes being judged/evaluated on the six events using a basic skills compulsory routine composed of approximately ten basic skills elements placed together in routine form. In addition, there are events that involve evaluation on trampoline, flexibility, strength and body positions. The evaluations are done by a coach/Junior National Coaching Staff member and a NGJA judge working together to produce a score based on technique and execution.

Region 9 will be hosting a Regional Clinic along with the Future Stars Testing October 14th at Xtreme Altitude Gymnastics in Lafayette, CO. If you attend the Regional Clinic you can receive USA Gymnastics University course M310 credit! Clinicians are Dave Juszczyk and Jon Portillo. Dave will be going over Floor presentation and Basic circles on Pommel Horse, and Jon will be covering Vault run and approach as well as P-Bar basics. The Future Stars participants will be the only athletes in the clinic, but all coaches are welcome and encouraged to attend. Topics will be beneficial to all levels, not just Future Stars. This clinic is FREE to all coaches! Hope to see you there. (Source: colorado-gymnastics.com)


While the gift shop at the recent U.S. Championships here brimmed with women’s leotards for sale, none of the singlets or socks-and-stirrup pants that the male gymnasts compete in were being peddled. Sponsors have been eager to back the biggest names in women’s gymnastics, including five-time national champion Simone Biles, but the biggest American male in the sport, Sam Mikulak, also a five-time national champion, is currently sponsored by MateBros, a beverage company he co-founded.

“We need some kind of mass marketing plan to get more people in the seats. Throw a U.S. championships and say tickets are a dollar, I don’t care. We just need to get butts in seats,” said Jonathan Horton, a member of the men’s 2008 and 2012 Olympic teams who has since competed on multiple seasons of “American Ninja Warrior.” “We need to do something just to fill these arenas and get people seeing it. Once people can see it, make it fast-paced and fun, it will grow.” (Source: www.nytimes.com)



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