A Future Stars Dlc 2k19

A Future Stars Dlc 2k19

Future Stars Dlc 2k19

An intriguing aspect of future stars is the idea of a generation of players who are unique from one another in a way that would be impossible to achieve through natural evolution. The challenge then becomes finding new ways to figure out what you may never have to before. And which is why we are heading to the future in search of a possible solution.


The wielder of the “Woman’s Right” also makes her much anticipated debut to WWE 2k19, even though Michael Cole constantly refers to her finisher as the “Women’s Right” on commentary. I will however say the commentary for the new characters is pretty solid for the most part. The finishing maneuver itself is absolutely devastating as Lacey Evans has two different versions of one of the most appropriately named finishers I can remember. Evans move-set is great although I wish she didn’t have two of the same exact signature moves – her old Mae Young Classic finisher the “Dudebuster.” Regardless it’s still a pretty vicious move.

www.vgr.com)While WWE 2K19 has been promoting the AJ Styles Million Dollar Challenge a lot lately, most Twitter comments have been asking for some new DLC in the game. It appears it will finally arrive, just in time for the WWE Royal Rumble 2019. They dropped a brand new 2K19 Rising Stars DLC promotional video on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter (as seen below). The new promo gives a small glimpse of what’s coming in just under two weeks for the WWE 2K19 game. (Source:


As far as the WWE 2K19 Rising Stars pack release date, January 22 is the official time to get that DLC. That’s just 11 days away, but a week ahead of the big WWE Royal Rumble weekend. Some of these stars could very well pop up during the big Royal Rumble matches or other events for the weekend. Will Ricochet or Dakota Kai enter one of the main roster’s Rumble matches?

Much to the delight of gamers, the WWE 2K19 Rising Stars pack has been revealed. It’s been a long time coming for fans of the professional wrestling game but will bring some brand new superstars into the mix as DLC content. Among the wrestling stars that gamers will be excited about are Ricochet and Dakota Kai. Here are the latest details on who will be included and the WWE 2K19 Rising Stars pack release date. (Source: www.vgr.com)




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