A Future Stars Daycare Saskatoon

A Future Stars Daycare Saskatoon

Future Stars Daycare Saskatoon

Future Stars Daycare is a daycare facility that aims to provide children with the best possible care and learning experience. Future Stars is currently privately owned. Established in 2010, Future Stars provides daycare for infants as well as preschool to grade five.


Parents were forced to juggle child care and work for a large portion of the last 18 months as schools and daycare centres shut down during COVID waves. Now that those facilities are more likely to be open — even as child care is more expensive and harder to find — companies are trying to assess how quickly they should require employees to formally split parental duties from their jobs. Formal flexible-work agreements — essentially a contract between the employer and employee over guidelines — were often put in place before the pandemic for people opting out of office life. Failure to follow the provisions can result in discipline ranging from warnings to having remote work privileges revoked, or even firing.

Juggling is far from optimal for all sides, as the millions of parents who tried to take care of kids and work simultaneously during COVID can attest. A September survey of remote workers by FlexJobs, which helps people find work and navigate hybrid office setups, found that 28 per cent of respondents said distractions in the home were the biggest challenge. And while the pandemic has been seen as a potential equalizer for working parents by bringing the realities of child care into employers’ view, some return to old norms was inevitable. (Source: financialpost.com)


According to information SECA provided via the Bureau of Statistics, in March 2021, the average monthly fee was $790 for an infant in licensed centre-based care and $786 for licensed/approved family child care. The average fees go down as children get older; during that same period, the average fee for a school-aged child in licensed centre-based care was $440; it was $469 for licensed/approved family child care.

The Conservative Party promises to convert the child care expense deduction into a refundable tax credit to families with an income under $150,000, which it says would cover up to 75 per cent of the cost for families with lower incomes. The party says the credit could pay up to a maximum of $6,000 for a family with an income of $30,000. The deduction would be paid out over the course of the year. (Source: thestarphoenix.com)



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