A Future Stars Dawg Days of Summer 2019

A Future Stars Dawg Days of Summer 2019

Future Stars Dawg Days of Summer 2019

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Clutch had the perfect mix in their division to make a run for the championship. They had two “big fellas” in Deacon Boreman and brother Porter Boreman, and two frisky guards in Brady Sidle and Lowen Ferguson. And Ferguson was the smallest of the bunch, but played much bigger, which was coach Ben Ferguson's son.

There wasn’t an arrogant bone in the body of coach Rick Geiser or his players when he decided to have his 8th grade girls team play in the 7th grade boys bracket. And you could see why. (Source: dawgdaysbasketball.com)


Although the Top Dawg division field was very small in terms of quantity of teams, there was no shortage of talent on the court. All three teams that entered the bracket had a legitimate crack at taking home the $2,000 grand prize. In the end, it was tournament newcomer White Shirts doing what numerous other teams have been unable to do since the inception of the tournament. The tournament’s most notable and dominant team, the Canton Ballers, would advance to the championship round for the twelfth time in fourteen years. In their previous eleven trips to the championship series, they had won nine times and lost only twice. Both losses were one possession games in game 3 of the best of three series, and many of the wins, including the last two, were in similar dramatic fashion. There would be no drama on this day however, as the White Shirts left no doubt as to who the best team on the court was this year.

The Dawgs also introduced the latest addition to beautiful Seaman Stadium, ​Core 4 (+14) Corner​, an iconic new viewing area featuring expansive hospitality patios that wrap around the left field foul pole and create a phenomenal atmosphere along the lines of the Green Monster at Fenway Park in Boston and the Crawford Boxes at Minute Maid Park, home of the Houston Astros. The name “Core 4” is a homage to the original Dawgs Youth Team which became an elite youth baseball powerhouse across Canada and the United States dating back to the mid-1990s and continuing to the present in the form of the highly successful Dawgs Baseball Academy. (Source: dawgsbaseball.ca)


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