A Future Stars Dash

A Future Stars Dash

Future Stars Dash

We chose our name to focus on the future stars in esports where there will be stars and new stars rising over time. We wanted to give the stars a recognizable platform where they have the chance to grow and better develop their fundamentals and skills. We are already seeing the difference with the young players from the region who started with Future Stars Dash and how much they have come from us.


The 2017 Rising Stars of the Profession is Consulting magazine’s annual look at consultants under the age of 35 who are making the biggest impact and redefining the consulting profession; this is the fifth year the magazine has highlighted the industry’s rising stars. “We’ve seen the future of the consulting profession, and it’s strong,” writes publisher and editor-in-chief Joseph Kornik in the magazine’s March issue. “It’s impossible not to be impressed with their accomplishments, their impact, and their individualism. As usual, they are redefining the rules as they go and, in a word, are redefining the consulting profession.”

The Future Stars Game has developed emerging young talent for over a decade. We have had the honor of working with some of the noteworthy youth talent in the United States, who have gone on to find success in both college and NFL teams. Our name says it all, we are truly The Future Stars Game and we provide one of the most rewarding platforms a youth athlete can experience, while building skills, character, and instilling the value of hard work. (Source: www.futurestarsgame.com)


“Enterprising and well-rounded are two ways to describe Siddhant Dash,” the magazine notes in a feature titled Thirty Five Under 35. “While at Cognizant, he has successfully led diverse consulting projects for marquee clients in the areas of M&A, platform strategy, open banking, operating model design, green IT, digital enablement, and performance improvement. He is a quintessential leader and problem solver who excels in bringing structure to chaos.”

“Cognizant Business Consulting has provided me with several opportunities in the past few years to take up new challenges, work on complex problems, and engage with the brightest of minds,” says Dash. “I was fortunate that my organization was able to provide all the necessary foundational capabilities to help channel my intrinsic passion for consulting. I have had great mentorship from our practice leadership in the past several years, especially from Philippe Dintrans, Amit Anand and Madhu Ponnuveetil, which truly helped me grow and evolve my all around consulting abilities.” (Source: news.cognizant.com)


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