A Future Stars Basketball Standings

A Future Stars Basketball Standings

Future Stars Basketball Standings

It’s hard to know who’s going to be the future stars in the NBA it’s impossible if you only have X-rays of the players at hand. So we created Future Stars Basketball Standings to assess the player’s growth potential based on their ranking, skill level, and scouting evaluation.


It was the London United-Harefield Academy however, who were Cinderella team at this years event. The local team won two of their three qualifying games, beating Sweden and Netherlands narrowly to make the final against the commanding team from Slovenia, who had beaten them convincingly in their pool game at the tournament’s start. United, had proved to be the early entertainers with their athletic displays against the Swedes and the close margins by which they beat their international compatriots. It was not to be for the West London team however, as their fairytale ride came off the rails to be beaten closely by the imperious team from Slovenia. The Tournament belonged to Slovenia, who played hard basketball all weekend to clinch this year’s title. Led by the outstanding player of the tournament Luka Rupnik, the Eastern Europeans swept all in their path to the side as they wowed the crowd with their tough defence at one end of the court, and their attacking flair at the other.

The U18 Czech Republic national team emerged as winner of the Future Stars 2008 basketball tournament after a thrilling final against Poland. For the entire first half both teams traded baskets and no team had a bigger lead than 4 points. Towards the end of the third quarter, the Czech Republic took a 10 points lead which proved to be decisive. The Poles made a frantic effort to cut the deficit but their every effort was matched by crucial baskets from Jan Vesely, Tomas Satoransky and superb point guard Jakub Kudlacek who never lost his control of proceedings on the court. The final results were Czech Republic 97 and Poland 90 points. (Source: futurestars.eu)



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