A Future Lego Star Wars Sets 2019

A Future Lego Star Wars Sets 2019

Future Lego Star Wars Sets 2019

We now have the full list of all Lego Star Wars sets for 2019 and 2020. Which ones are you most excited about? Check out all the future sets here.


"This year marks the 20th anniversary of our first partnership with Lucasfilm to bring the Star Wars galaxy to life, and together we have engaged millions of fans of all ages in exciting building opportunities," Michael McNally, Lego senior director, brand relations, said in a statement. "As the final chapter of the Skywalker saga nears premiere, we are excited about what it inspires for new building adventures, and to help shepherd more new and familiar stories from a galaxy far, far away to brick form with the launch of our building sets based on The Mandalorian and other classic Star Wars scenes."

The LEGO Group today announced eight new building sets inspired by the Star Wars™ galaxy, which will become available on Triple Force Friday, October 4. The toys range from $19.99 to $159.99 and are based on the upcoming film Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, the highly anticipated Disney+ live action series The Mandalorian, and classic characters and scenes from the first eight chapters of the Skywalker saga. These sets add to the LEGO Group’s continued celebration of the 20th anniversary of the much-loved LEGO® Star Wars range that continues to unite fans of all ages all around the globe. (Source: www.lego.com)


Now, we are slowly getting closer to the next Star Wars line which is primarily focused on the upcoming final segment of the Sequel Trilogy, as well as the upcoming live-action series – The Mandalorian. Although the information is still limited, LEGO has revealed the upcoming sets which will be released on Triple Force Friday. Here is everything we know about the LEGO Star Wars October 2019 Sets.

This is one scene many would remember from the dying embers of The Force Awakens. If you’ve watched the movie you’d remember Rey and Kylo Ren/Ben Solo duking it out across the nearly-destroyed Starkiller Base. This set depicts that fight, complete with the splitting earth and small hints of lava showing at the edges. However, sharp eyes might notice that Finn, who was also in the scene but unconscious, isn’t featured. Regardless, the US$19.99 price tag put this is the steal of the bunch, considering the characters that are in it. (Source: geekculture.co)



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