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A Future Guy Star Trek

Future Guy Star Trek

If you need proof that millennials are the hottest item on the planet right now, just take a look at the buzz around “Star Trek”. From the original TV show to new movies and spin-offs, the original “Trek” has been renewed and revitalized by a new demographic and it is paying off.


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James Horan had little idea about precisely who this character was, apart from that he was from the future and was using the Suliban to manipulate the past. In fact, Horan was given only pages of the character's dialogue, rather than the full script of "Broken Bow". At a time when the character had appeared in no other episodes but that series pilot, Horan recalled, "They weren't telling me anything, so I had to pull what little info I could [....] At the audition I said, 'Who is this guy?' and they just said, 'We don't know!' I said, 'Well, is he a hardass; is he a commander? What does he do?' And they said, 'Yeah!' So I gave it a go, and I said, 'Something like that?' They said, 'Yeah, exactly like that!' I gave him a bit of a stentorian tone to his voice because the lines seemed like he was in charge, and he was admonishing this Suliban to keep him in line. I just played him with a little bit of an edge, I suppose." (Star Trek: The Magazine Volume 2, Issue 10, pp. 44-45) For "Broken Bow", Horan spoke the character's dialogue on the set. (Star Trek Monthly issue 91, p. 32) (Source: memory-alpha.fandom.com)


At the 2009 VegasCon, however, Manny Coto and Brannon Braga stated that "Future Guy" was "probably going to be a Romulan" and would have tied into the Romulan War as a future Romulan, trying to "instigate things." [2] In the ENT Season 1 Blu-ray featurette "In Conversation: Rick Berman and Brannon Braga", Braga remarked, "We had thrown around a lot of ideas about who Future Guy was gonna be. A Romulan [for instance]."

In November 2012, Brannon Braga stated on his Twitter account that the show's fifth season would have revealed Future Guy to be Jonathan Archer "trying to correct history" and repair a corrupt future by influencing his younger self. Braga added that Archer being Future Guy was the plan from the beginning, and previous statements claiming Future Guy was intended to be a Romulan were meant as a red herring. [3][4] (Source: memory-alpha.fandom.com)



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