A Future Card Buddyfight X All Star Fight Episode 4

A Future Card Buddyfight X All Star Fight Episode 4

Future Card Buddyfight X All Star Fight Episode 4

The anime uses three pieces of theme music: two opening themes and three ending themes. The first opening theme from episode 1 to 46 was "Card of the Future" by Psychic Lover and Suara. The second and final opening from episode 47 to 64 was "Buddy Buddy BAAAAAN!!" by Marie Mizuno (as Gao Mikado) and Shuta Morishima (as Baku Omori). The second opening theme was not shown in the English version; instead, "Card of the Future" was shown. The first ending theme from episode 1 to 24 was "Buddy Buddy Fight!" by Sora Tokui (as Paruko Nanana) in the Japanese version and by Jenny Shima in the English dub. The second ending theme from episode 25 to 46 was "Natsuiro Fighting!!" by Sora Tokui (as Paruko Nanana). She also sang the English version for the dub which was included as a bonus track in the single. The third ending theme from episode 47 to 64 was "Shiny Up!" by Suzuko Mimori (as Hanako Mikado) and Jenny Shima in the English dub.


Gao and Drum have an argument and get mad at each other as Gao goes to school (with Drum secretly following him). There, his class is introduced to a new transfer student: Kiri Hyoryu, who is the boy that Gao saved from the group of bullies and has since then admired Gao. After school, Gao takes Kiri to the Castle Store where the Manager teaches Kiri how to Buddyfight by having him play an actual game. Both Kiri and the Manager use trial decks to fight as Gao stays by Kiri's side. With helpful teaching from both Gao and the Manager and despite being new to the game, Kiri defeats the Manager. After the battle, Kiri is congratulated by a stranger, Rouga Aragami, who goes on to tell him that winning is most important. Gao expresses his disagreement with Rouga, who takes his leave. Then, the bullies appear to challenge Gao, who is reunited with Drum and beats one of the bullies in a Buddyfight. After the bullies retreat, Gao and Drum reconcile. Elsewhere, Rouga is instructed by his superior, Magoroku Shido, to retrieve photon metal. Rouga uses his Dark Core to assume the identity of "Wolf" and calls out his buddy Armorknight Cerberus to start the mission.

To better prepare Gao for the ABC Cup, Baku and Kuguru construct a new deck that gives Gao more defensive options, especially with the addition of the card Thunder Knights, Halberd Dragon. However, Gao does not like the idea of using others to protect himself and rejects the deck. As the group leaves school, Baku bumps into someone and drops his card case, but that person picks it up for him. The next day, Baku tells Gao that his original deck has been stolen by that person he bumped into before: Jin Magatsu, a shady 7th-grade student from Aibo Academy. Gao and his friends track down Jin, who will only return the deck if Gao beats him in a Buddyfight. So, with the new deck, Gao fights against Jin, who is using the original deck. When Gao is pushed to a corner, he eventually comes to realize from Halberd Dragon that everybody has something that they must do; in Halberd Dragon's case, it is to protect Gao. So, with Halberd Dragon's defensive ability to shield him from attacks, Gao manages to defeat Jin. After the fight, it is revealed that this entire fiasco was just an act set up by Baku, Kuguru, Kiri, and Jin, who returns the deck back to Gao. Having also realized his friends' efforts into making the new deck, Gao apologizes to them and accepts the newly named "Soleil Dragon Deck". Then, Jin reveals that he will participate in the ABC Cup along with Team Seifukai, Magoroku, and Suzuha Amanosuzu, the rich daughter of the large Amanosuzu company's founder. Despite the appearance of new opponents, Gao welcomes the challenge. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)



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