A Fire Wings

A Fire Wings

Fire Wings


About Dragon Fire Wings Recipe: This one is for all the crazy Game of Thrones fans out there! Mouth-watering chicken wings marinated in yogurt and an array of spices roasted to perfection in barbecue sauce and served with the layer of roasted sesame seeds. Perfect to prepare at home and watch the season with friends! This is an exclusive recipe from the kitchen of Duty Free, Gurugram.



Working at Fire Wings was a fun experience. I don’t even consider it fast food with the amount work put in making the food. While working we treated each other like family. If you working in the front you have more leeway during slow peak if everything is stocked and prepped. The Kitchen is lots of work but planned right lots of free time. Manager is a chill a dude who works with you on scheduling and treats all employees fairly. Both kitchen and Front get tips. Best part working their was when customers enjoy a flavor they haven’t tried yet.

Wings & Beer! Is there anything left to talk about? How about that Fire Wings has over 20 wing flavors, beer on tap, Pepsi Spire machine, & unbelievable sides to pair with your meal. If that’s not enough to get you to come and hangout then feel free to place your order online and your wings will be ready for you to pickup as soon as you arrive. (Source: lincolncentershops.com)


Fire Wings was birthed in a small shopping center off of Center Parkway in Sacramento. Five years later they’ve spread across Northern California, into Southern California, and even in Houston, Texas. They currently have 29 locations in California, including in the Bay Area such as Berkeley, Vallejo, American Canyon, Hayward, San Francisco, San Mateo, Alameda, San Jose and Modesto.

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed back the dates of some of the latest Fire Wings grand openings, including the one planned for the Gateway West shopping center at 1400 Pinole Valley Road, right next to Habit Burger. (Source: richmondstandard.com)



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