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With tennis smoking marijuana, one of the game’s most iconic stars is taking the industry to a place it’s never gone before.


Worked at this company for A few years and it’s crazy hard to get raises, everyone talks about each other, and it’s not a good work environment. Higher management makes the schedule to benefit themselves and leaves everyone else for the wolves. They work along with your schedule, but that’s about it. (Source:

For what you have to do the job is a easy job. As long as you get a good store manager or district manager you can excel and enjoy your job. Multiple years now and I have never once hated or dreaded going in. If you are willing to move and work hard then you can move up quickly. Pay isn't exactly the best in the retail industry but I'm satisfied and content with the job. (Source: www.indeed.com)



For the 1%, it boils down to the DC (Distribution Center) people... They send skids (pallets) that aren't packed properly, thus causing them to fall, or be unstable on the trucks when we get them, which is an obvious safety hazard, and on top of that, I've been in numerous stores where they just don't understand that some stores don't have enough space to receive the new product (Partly on account of staffing issues, not being able to put said product to the floor in time, partly because there's often no room to put it out anyway).

Between the endless emails from corporate, freight and merchandise the store all the time there is no sales help on the floor. Corporate does not have a clue on what happens in a store day to day. They keep having you to do more and more with the same amount of time. If the stores have 4 times the amount of sales than the previous years they still don't give the store enough hours for the week. Raises are a joke. You are there for a year review time comes and they give you pennies after your hard work. If you are full time the benefits are OK. Our motto at Dunham’s Sports is Big Names…Low Prices. That is what we do everyday, give our customers the choice of the name brands that they want at the lowest prices possible. You will notice this in every Dunham’s Sports store you go into where you will find Hot Deals and Sport Values at prices that may be too low to advertise. Stop in for one of our awesomely low priced ad items and may walk out with a couple of hot in-store deals as well. (Source: www.washingtonparkmall.com)


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