A Drake's Mom

A Drake's Mom

Drake's Mom


Only a few days earlier, my nephew had been born, so I was nervous about whether I should even be blogging about Drake. But sometimes you just have to step up and do something that would make Drake happy. Had he not been so busy, he would have been thrilled to have surprised his new fans, not just from Canada but from around the world.


Drake's highly anticipated sixth record, "Certified Lover Boy," has finally been unleashed upon the world following a lengthy delay. As Rolling Stone reports, the album features the high-profile likes of Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Future, Travis Scott, and tons more across its 21 tracks, while Nicki Minaj contributes a spoken-word cameo on "Papi's Home." Numerous high-profile producers worked on the album too, which is Drake's first full-length since 2018's "Scorpion."

Rapper 50 Cent has even acknowledged the remarkable resemblance between the two: "Drake had his mom a grand baby for real, her genes are strong," the rapper said on Instagram in 2020. "I bet she is so happy he looks like her." While Graham hasn't said anything publicly about her grandson, it's likely that she has just as much love for him and she does for her own son. (Source: www.nickiswift.com)


“When I was going through the creative process for So Far Gone, I was actually at a pretty dark place in my life. It was a frustrating time for my family, because my grandmother — who is now in her mid- to late 90s — was just losing it. It was hard for my mother to watch. And it was just, it was really at a point where it was like, Is this rap thing going to work? Like, Is this my choice? Is this what I am committing to?”

From the hard times of So Far Gone, Drake mentioned his fallout with his mom about his spending and her smoking problem in “Take Care.” In Nothing Was the Same, Sandi’s son called out his mother for wanting to live alone in her apartment and rejected the notion that she preferred solitude because of her illness. (Source: celebsuburb.com)


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