A Disc Replay

A Disc Replay


Disc Replay


Have you ever wanted to replay the challenging parts of a video game? I almost never play video games, but I sometimes find myself watching doge. That's because some games have a replay function that lets you watch over the game while you're playing to see how your decisions turned out.



I enjoyed working at Disc Replay most of the time I was there. It was a great job for when I was a student since they were willing to schedule my weeks around my school schedule. My coworkers all became a second family to me and I was able to express my passions about video games, movies, music, etc. with people I worked with and clientele I interacted with. The downtime tasks were pretty easy and it was usually reasonable to get them all done throughout the work day, with transferring disks being the exception as it would often get piled up from how often we got product in from customers.

Disc Replay buys, sells and trades gently used video games and systems, movies, music, electronics (such as iPads, iPods, iPhones, tablet computers, digital cameras, GPS device, LED/LCD TVs, Blu-Ray players, etc), comic books, books, and accessories. Disc Replay buys and sells old school and new school games and systems such as: XBOX, Playstation, Wii, Nintendo, Sega, Atari, Gamecube and more! Disc Replay is ALWAYS buying and paying top dollar CASH. Our goal is to offer a Mega Selection for Mega Savings everyday! Disc Replay offers everyday low pricing and buy 5 get the 6th item FREE! (Source: www.north-park-mall-ia.com)


Hey y’all. I’ve been a pretty big fan of buying from Disc Replay for a while, and I’ve noticed a lot of reproductions are being sold for video games which is cool bc id rather not spend like $150 for Pokémon emerald atm with how inflated retro game prices have become during the pandemic. I’ve noticed though that a lot of the plushies I’ve been getting from DR have been pretty low quality or super off. Does Disc Replay also sell knock off Pokémon center/Nintendo plushies? Like there is no way they’re selling legit $20 plush for only $9. If they don’t, I guess I’ve just had bad luck with the ones I’ve bought. Thank for anyone who replys!

Disc Replay franchise is a chain of retail stores which sell and buy used DVD movies, video games, music compact discs and accessories. The business was established in 2008 and the concept has quickly become popular. In 2012 the first Disc Replay franchise was offered for sale and since then the chain has grown to 36 franchise units. The unique business concept which allows customers to save could be profitable for franchisees. For quite affordable franchise cost & fees, Disc Replay franchisees receive trainings and assistance from professional franchise team and access to proven marketing and business tools. (Source: topfranchise.com)



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