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At Ding Tea, we have a wide variety of green and black teas, many fruity teas, and some blends! You can find our wide range of teas at these locations.



Dong Ding is typically composed of 3-4 leaves, sometimes including a bud, picked by hand or machine. Afterwards, the tea undergoes a withering process, either outside, indoors, or a combination of both. The leaves are then tossed and bruised on large bamboo baskets, which begins the oxidation process. Final rolling is undertaken, either by hand or by machine. A final firing sets the oxidation typically somewhere between 15%-30% oxidation, sometimes over charcoal, giving the tea a toasty, woody flavor. (Source:

In 2004, the founder of the Ding Tea beverage franchise, Mr. Xu Wei-xiang felt that despite the large number of franchises on the beverage market, their quality was nevertheless inconsistent. Persisting in the belief of offering consumers newer, better beverage quality and to establish an ideal beverage franchise brand, he decided to create the Ding Tea beverage franchise. The goal was to promote a new philosophy for tea drinking, introduce a new trend for beverages and a new energy to the franchising system. Through price advantages, high quality, small profit and quick return concepts, he intends to change the conventional perception that quality tea comes at a price, so that more people will be able to become familiar with Taiwan’s tea beverage culture through the franchise. (Source: www.dingtea-mississauga.com)


To seal the lid on my eye-opening experience at Ding Tea, I ordered the Monster Bobo Latte, which is essentially their brown sugar boba. I’ve seen pictures of these mouthwatering brown sugar boba drinks, characterized by brown syrup dripping around the cup, all over Instagram and felt delighted to get my first taste of it at Ding Tea. What I received was a multi-faceted drink with creamy milk tea at the top and rich, maple-syrup-like brown sugar at the bottom; together, they were like a couple that balanced each other out — both light and indulgent, smooth and full-bodied, refreshing and robust. I highly recommend pointing the straw up so that you get more of the milk tea portion, for the bottom contains most of the heavy syrup, but at the top where the flavors have merged, you get both elements in perfect equilibrium.

Ding Tea makes the milk tea experience easy because they just get everything right, from the flavor to the price to the atmosphere. If you are not a fan of boba, I would suggest going to Ding Tea right now because every boba you tasted previously was made incorrectly. Their ingredients are optimally sourced and blended to be of the freshest, most authentic of flavors and the toppings are springing with fun, chewy textures. When combined — tea, milk and toppings — you’ll be left wondering if this is boba or if this is the ingredient itself: Ding Tea masters boba in its purest form — this is what real boba tastes like. (Source: www.highlandernews.org)



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