A Deans List Resume

A Deans List Resume

Deans List Resume

Why wouldn’t you want an amazing resume? The Deans List brand is an active internship program that connects you with 70 of the country’s top companies.


This applies if you attend(ed) one of the Ivy League universities (e.g. Yale, Harvard and Princeton), or any of the colleges and universities widely recognized as the best in the United States. Knowing that you made the Dean’s list at such a competitive institution will impress employers even more, and help the name of your university stand out.

Including that you were on the dean's list during your college tenure on your resume can demonstrate your commitment to excellence and willingness to work hard. However, there are times when you should and should not include this on your resume as well as a certain way to include this information if you do choose to include this information. In this article, we discuss if you should put your dean's list recognition on your resume, explain how to most effectively include this on your resume and provide a template and examples of what it should look like. (Source: www.indeed.com)


Knowing which accomplishments to include on your resume is an important part of your job search. Accomplishments can help you promote yourself as a skilled candidate. Making the dean’s list in college is one achievement that can be beneficial to include. Learn if and when you should include the dean’s list on your resume using these steps and examples.

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