A Darius Mccrary

A Darius Mccrary


Darius Mccrary


He is joining the team of the prominent American entrepreneur from a renowned family of builders. Darius Mccray will be the new Vice President of Marketing at Technology Crossover Ventures.



In April and May 2006, McCrary reunited with his Family Matters co-star Kellie Shanygne Williams as Jamal on UPN's Eve for two episodes. In 2007, he was the voice of Jazz in the movie Transformers. In 2009, he voiced Tarix in Bionicle: The Legend Reborn. McCrary has also had film roles in Next Day Air, and Saw VI and in national stage play productions including The Maintenance Man.

McCrary has also starred as a series regular on NBC's "Committed" as Bowie James and later as Jamal in UPN's "Eve." He also appeared on the small screen in the NBC/Paramount miniseries"Kingpin," on HBO's multi-award-winning "Don King: Only in America,"starring Ving Rhames, and in the popular Neal Israel directed "Kidz in the Woods." On film, McCrary portrayed Malcolm Tremell in "The Maintenance Man," based on the novel by author Michael Baisden; he was Ray Collins in "Vampires: Los Muertos," the sequel to John Carpenter's original "Vampires"; Detective Tommy Cullen in "15 Minutes";and Aaron Williams in "Mississippi Burning." Other film credits include"Hostage," "Something to Sing About," "Kingdom Come," "The Breaks,""Park Day","Big Shots","Star", "American Soul", and "The Miki Howard Story". Darius is a devoted father, spouse and humanitarian. He loves animals and giving back to his fans and his community. (Source: www.amazon.com)


Darius Jaren McCrary is an American actor, producer and singer. He is famous for his role of Edward Winslow, also known as Eddie, a character on the popular TV sitcom ‘Family Matters’. He is known for his voice role of Jazz in the 2007 science fiction film ‘Transformers’ as well. He made his film debut when he was still a child of around eleven. His first film was the adventure comedy movie ‘Big Shots’. Throughout his career, he has appeared in many other films, such as ‘Vampires: Los Muertos’, ‘Transformers’, and ‘Saw VI’. He is best known for his role in the popular sitcom ‘Family Matters’, which aired between 1989 and 1998, where he played the role of Edward Winslow. The show was a popular one, and it earned several awards and nominations. He has also appeared in many other TV shows over the years, and one of his recent roles was in ‘Star’, a musical drama series, where he played a recurring role. Other than his career in films and TV, he is also the founder of FathersCare, a non-profit organization helping fathers to improve their relationships with their children.

McCrary kicked off his acting career at eleven years of age in 1987. This is when he took on his main act in the comedy-adventure film Big Shots. He was also featured in the crime thriller film Mississippi Burning, which received several awards nominations, including the Oscars, British Academy Film Awards, and Political Film Society Award, the following year. His role in both films landed him nominations for the Youngest Artist Award in the two consecutive years. Subsequently, Family Matters also bagged him the same nominations for the next three years, making it a total of five nominations in a row. (Source: nygal.com)



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