A Dance Resume for College

A Dance Resume for College

Dance Resume for College

www.indeed.com)Dance ReSubmitting a professional dance resume when auditioning for opportunities within the industry can help both established and new dancers to get the part. Dance resumes are different than traditional resumes, so it's important to know what to include in order to display your best qualities. In this article, we explain what to include on a dance resume along with a template, example and steps that will help you draft your own. (Source:sume for College



www.pinterest.com)"A huge thing that helped me when I was a younger dancer in Drill-Team was a technique we named “calling it”. Try to label each part of the choreography that you are struggling with. Name the sections something that can provide you with an image in your head so there is a cognitive connection to the actual movement. As you are dancing you “call it” in your head to help you remember the phrases that come next."

So, as a resume writer and career expert, people will call me and say they want a resume that gets a hiring manager’s attention. They want a resume that looks exciting, and jumps off the page. The reality is that accomplishing this goal has almost nothing to do with how it looks. The appearance of a resume has very little to do with its success and it all comes down to the content. Content is always the key, especially with a resume. So putting a lot of energy into making your resume look interesting is kind of misguided. Do you want your resume to be easy to read? Yes. Do you want it to look nice and professional? Yes. What you don't need to do is obsess over is things like graphics, color, charts, font size, and style. It just isn't going to help you get hired. (Source: www.wikihow.com)



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