A Culinary Resume Examples

A Culinary Resume Examples

Culinary Resume Examples


Having a Big Name in the Culinary World Doesn't Always Guarantee a Successful Career. But, There Are a Few Elements That Can Help You Stand Out in a Crowd and Get Hired for the Jobs You Want. Check Out These Culinary Resume Examples to See What Your Chances Are, and Use Them As a Reference for Your Own Career Goals.



A resumé (pronounced reh/zoo/may) is a summary of your skills, training, and experience. Its primary purpose is to interest the employer in you as a potential employee. A well-written, carefully planned resumé will help get you an interview that may lead to a job offer. It may be included with a letter of application, attached to an application form, or handed to a prospective employer when you are interviewed. Copies of your resumé may also be given to instructors, friends, or family members who have agreed to help you in your search.

Show educational qualifications, starting with the most recent and most relevant. There is no need to give the name of your secondary school if you have completed college or university. Identify any relevant training courses you have taken in high school or outside of a formal training institution if they are relevant to the work you are seeking. Take your cues from the job advertisement or the information you received from your contacts. For example, you might include first aid training if the job is in a remote camp. (Source: opentextbc.ca)


Oversaw daily recipe preparation, food storage, cooking, and presentation. Developed recipes and recommended menu item pricing. Researched and selected ingredients based on seasonal availability and quality. Continuously monitored and controlled food costs. Built and developed 11-member, back-of-house team; provided performance feedback and additional instruction in biannual reviews and one-on-one counseling sessions. Conducted interviewing, hiring, and training functions, ensuring that individual performance met the highest possible culinary standards.

Culinary refers to cookery or kitchen, and chefs are culinary experts who create meals and various other eateries in a food and dining establishment. While the description of work may vary based on the work setting, the Culinary Resume mentions the following core common tasks – running the restaurant or food establishments, selecting ingredient and developing recipes for the given menu, ordering kitchen supplies and food; maintaining inventory and checking food for taste and freshness; hiring and training staff; ensuring proper sanitization of the kitchen, and making sure the staffs comply with safety and sanitation protocols. (Source: www.qwikresume.com)


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