A Cold Calling Resume

A Cold Calling Resume

Cold Calling Resume

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Cold callers today know that pitching a product is a fool’s game. It’s all about building relationships. Some advisors use the strategy of asking specific questions and offering free advice based on the response. Maybe the business owner is concerned about the high-fee structure associated with his employees’ retirement plan. The advisor might make suggestions of companies to check out and offer to do some research and get back to them. This soft-sell approach has worked well for some advisors, especially those early in their careers.

Cold calling is the process of making sales pitches to prospective clients. This means that the salesperson must identify people who do not have any previous connection to the company and are not expecting a sales meeting, and then contact them, hoping to impress them and make a sale. Cold calls can be made in person, over the phone or in some cases through online communication. The job of the salesperson is to convince the prospective client not only of her need for the product or service, but that she should work with the saleperson's company. (Source: bizfluent.com)


A Telemarketer resume should emphasize a candidate’s effective communication and marketing skills. Past employment positions related to sales and marketing should be highlighted, as well as any positions focused on customer service and communications. It is important to create a strong Profile section highlighting career achievements and personal attributes that support your ability as a successful telemarketer. Your resume should call attention to your excellent phone etiquette, as well as your ability to remain calm and professional in tense situations. The conveyance of your ability to achieve optimal customer service and high sales numbers is crucial. By using one of Resume.io’s field-tested resumes, you can create a stronger and more impressive Telemarketer resume.

Maxine has a vibrant and energetic attitude, along with a willingness to perform and get things done. She has the ability to leverage her professional selling skills to create a strong pipeline of new clients and does everything possible to ensure repeat business from customers. As a true professional she is service minded, extremely organized and always on top of her game. With her present employer she has a proven track record in over-achieving set goals and is always at the forefront of any new campaign. Right now she would like to work for a forward thinking company that values its employees just as much as its customers. (Source: www.dayjob.com)



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