A Best Storytelling Resumes

A Best Storytelling Resumes

Best Storytelling Resumes

www.indeed.com)best storStorytelling resumes are compelling and engaging. They help people distinguish themselves as being creative and outside of the box thinkers. If you're preparing for job applications, and are looking for a way to stand out, you may benefit from learning about this unique resume format. In this article, we explain what story-based or storytelling resumes are, describe the six steps for how to write a storytelling resume and provide a sample for your reference. (Source:ytelling resumes



www.indeed.com)A story-based resume format, also known as a storytelling or narrative resume format, is a creative and expressive alternative to a traditional bullet point resume. The document itself has some similarities to a traditional resume. For example, both formats use a header and use only one page and both describe a person's professional career and personal attributes.

The object of using a storytelling resume is to create a narrative in which you are the hero. In any good story, the hero faces challenges and overcomes them. When writing this type of resume, you need to describe the challenges you have faced professionally and explain the ways you dealt with or managed those situations. The two sections on your resume best suited for highlighting your ability to face challenge and adversity are your professional or career summary section and your work experience section. (Source: www.indeed.com)



Now let’s be clear: I’m not suggesting weaving a fictional story into your resume. Rather, I’m suggesting bringing yourself alive on paper by telling your authentic, branded story in a way that creates a connection with your reader, makes you memorable and intriguing, adds credibility to your accomplishments, and evokes a desire in your reader to meet you and learn more.

A resume that focuses on duties and accountabilities will drive the reader off and onto the next candidate. Instead, market your wins and your valuable traits that contributed to those wins. For example, if you are an articulate communicator who boils down complexity and you’re seeking a technical sales role, tell a story about a time when you wrangled down technical complexity in order to land a profitable sale and a long-term client. (Source: www.recruiter.com)


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