A Bed Bugs on a Mattress

A Bed Bugs on a Mattress

Bed Bugs on a Mattress

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One simple Google search on what a bed bug is would have anyone running toward anything but the covers. While we’re fairly certain this is the last thing you care to read about, sometimes learning how to get bed bugs out of a mattress is necessary — especially if you think you have some hanging around. You can keep your room clean and wash your bedding regularly, and yet somehow those little guys still might find their way in.

If you’re opting to DIY your bed bug extermination, keep in mind that you may need to go through the process several times. While bed bugs don’t carry any diseases, you’ll want to be thorough as they reproduce quickly. This can be long and tedious, while also lacking effectiveness for large infestations — in which case it would be necessary to call in professional exterminators. (Source: casper.com)


To dive in deeper, take your bed frame apart, if it can be done, and clean every inch of it. Bed bugs can hide in the smallest of places, so it’s worth the effort to get rid of them. Use a magnifying glass and flashlight to see inside crevices and get a better look. If you have a wood bed frame and find any cracks, consider sealing them to prevent bed bugs from using them as a hiding spot. (Source:

The best way to get rid of live bed bugs instantly is to spray them with an insecticide. Most of these sprays kill bed bugs on the spot. However, once the solution has dried, there’s no guarantee it will still kill the remaining bugs that come across it. Likewise, some ingredients in certain insecticides allow bed bug eggs to hatch, but the chemicals kill them shortly after. Other ingredients are almost completely ineffective for preventing the egg from hatching and killing the bug once it has. Do your research beforehand to know what will be most effective for killing both bed bugs and their unhatched eggs. (Source: casper.com)


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