A Beauty School Resume

A Beauty School Resume

Beauty School Resume

If you have taken a generic resume writing workshop, you might think following the template is all you have to do to craft a winning BCG resume. Not so fast! Developing a resume for consulting is its own animal, with notable differences even from related fields (such as finance). (Source: managementconsulted.com)



The main thing that sets the consulting resume apart is that consulting firms want to see resumes that reflect the requisite skills of successful consultants. In most cases, firms aren’t hiring you for your subject matter expertise. They are hiring you for your skills and ability to drive impact. Core consulting skills to include are:

Consulting is a highly competitive industry and employers are looking for evidence of core skills and talent (even if it’s raw). Your BCG resume should highlight your academic accomplishments, from your GPA to any graduation honors. In some cases, you can highlight standout test scores and solid performance in relevant classes (i.e., business and quant). (Source: managementconsulted.com)



Your BCG resume is going to arrive in a pile with hundreds of others. The person screening it will be looking for any reason to cast your resume aside. It’s crucial that you not make any needless mistakes when it comes to your BCG resume format. (

The Internet is a great resource of job application materials. If you are clueless on how to begin the resume writing process, refer to examples published on career websites. Read about the best practices for tailoring your BCG resume according to the job specifications and recommended formats and designs. Notice how achievements, skills, and qualifications are presented and follow the format. (Source: www.consultingfact.com)

If you use a bad format, it does 2 things. First, it distracts us from the most important information that you want to share with us. Second, it gives us the impression that this person obviously isn’t networking in the right circles. He probably doesn’t have friends at any major school or in management consulting. Otherwise, they would have looked at the format and told him to redo it. (Source: www.firmsconsulting.com)


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