A Bank Teller Resume Sample

A Bank Teller Resume Sample


Bank Teller Resume Sample

Want to give it a go as a bank teller? Here’s what to include in your resume. It’s important to understand that in this case, you’re applying for a job as a bank teller and not a generic bank teller resume.



A Bank Teller is accountable for assisting customers by answering questions, processing transactions and handling all types of clerical and administrative duties. A well-drafted Bank Teller Resume gives a list of the following duties and tasks – assisting customers in tasks such as depositing cash, withdrawals and payments; resolving customers complaints, informing customers about bank products, tracking and storing information related to bank transactions, balancing cash drawers and reconciling discrepancies, handling currency and all confidential information responsibly, using relevant software for tracking bank information and following bank financial and security regulations.

Bank tellers work directly with the public every day. Having strong interpersonal skills is essential to providing a positive customer service experience. If you have ever worked in a customer-oriented position, it is worth noting the extent of this experience on your resume. If you're new to interacting with customers, think of previous scenarios where you have been of help to someone. Volunteer service or involvement in extracurricular activities are good experiences to add to your resume. Here are some basic customer service skills you could include: (Source: www.indeed.com)


Some tellers receive certification through an on-the-job training program after they are hired, while others possess national credentials like the Certified Bank Teller designation from the American Bankers Association. If you have completed additional courses, training, certifications related to work as a bank teller, you should include these either within or following the education section on your resume. Bank tellers are often the first contact clients have with the organization. Having excellent interpersonal and communication skills is essential to providing a positive experience to the customers' service journey. If you've had previous experience working in a customer-related role, be sure to highlight this on your resume. If you're new to customer service, you can include charity or volunteer services on your resume. Some customer service skills you could include are:

A bank teller is a professional at a financial institution primarily responsible for handling and completing money transactions. The teller's role involves assisting with withdrawals, deposits, cheque operations, and performing loan transactions for customers. The ideal bank teller possesses excellent mathematical and communication skills. Bank tellers also offer advice to customers on new bank policies, explain how to perform transactions correctly, and provide answers to any service-related questions customers may have. (Source: ca.indeed.com)



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