A Assistant Principal Resume

A Assistant Principal Resume

Assistant Principal Resume

An assistant principal is a school administrator who is appointed to serve as the principal’s deputy. Assistant principals typically work at the administrative arm of a school, overseeing the day-to-day running of the school, which includes supervising the principal and staff to maintain the school's authority, policies, and curriculum.



The Assistant Principal works along with the School Principal in managing the administrative and educational aspects of the educational institute. Some common work duties mentioned on the Assistant Principal Resume include – interacting with teachers and students, dealing with disciplinary issues, motivating students, enforcing attendance rules, working with teachers in developing curriculum standards, hiring and training staff, ordering equipment and supplies, supervising grounds and facilities maintenance, coordinating transportation for students, observing teachers and evaluating learning materials, and coordinating special events and day-to-day activities.

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• Responsible for looking over all the staff. I checked the cleaning of the whole school premises every single day. • I was also responsible for checking the office operations and meeting with parents. I was responsible for assisting the Principal with the school operations. • It was my duty to follow instructions of the Principal and ensure a clean, disciplined environment.

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