A Aspen Dental:

A Aspen Dental:

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We know that dental health is the top concern for consumers today. With the combination of traditional dentistry and today’s new technologies, it’s possible for more affordable, modern treatment for most oral conditions.


“I don't have dental insurance and I broke my tooth and needed an immediate appointment, Aspen Dental got me in right away! Everyone was SO friendly, and so helpful. The dentist is a scary place to go, so I was nervous, but everyone made it easy and pain-free. They took care of my issue, same day, which was such a relief. This office is also new and SO clean. I'll definitely go back and definitely will refer anyone here.”

“I went to Aspen dental as a walk-in patient. They treated me as if I were a long time client. The entire staff was understanding, caring and very friendly. I was in desperate need of a dentist office. And I do believe I have found that at Aspen Dental. Thanks to the entire staff for being so helpful to an extremely nervous patient. You helped calm my fears and made it a pleasant experience.” Aspen Dental says it serves people who otherwise wouldn’t go to a dentist. Forty percent of Americans have a family member who put off going to the dentist because they couldn’t pay for it, according to a survey by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. Fontana says Aspen Dental looks for ways to make it easier for those people to walk into their offices. (Source: www.pbs.org)


“People would come into the office maybe with a toothache and come out with a treatment plan that maybe the dentist said we need to extract all your teeth,” said Jenny Hayes, the former office manager in Illinois. “They were made to stop in the manager’s office and sit down for an intense consultative selling process that they really didn’t bargain for when they walked in the door. I had people literally breaking down and crying in my office. And it happened quite regularly.”

Donna Kelce of Des Moines, Iowa, fits the profile. At age 55, she hadn’t been to a dentist in 15 years. She didn’t have dental insurance and didn’t think she could afford it. Besides, her teeth never bothered her until a gap starting forming between two front teeth. Embarrassed, she finally went to an Aspen Dental office after seeing one of its commercials. (Source: www.pbs.org)


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