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A Alvina Stewart

Alvina Stewart

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His well-deserved nominations come after a whopping seven years on Black-ish, where he plays the successful, often self-centered patriarch of the Johnson family. And while we’ve enjoyed seeing his character’s misadventures with the ever-so-patient Rainbow (Tracee Ellis Ross), we want to know a bit more about Anderson’s real-life relationship. Which leads us to one very important question: Who is Anthony Anderson’s wife, Alvina Anderson? Here’s what we know. (Source:

Anthony and his wife reportedly tied the knot in 1999. Which means the couple have been married for more than two decades. However, their union almost came to an end several years after they said, “I do.” (Source: www.purewow.com)


Later that month, Anderson and his wife made their first public appearance since reuniting. "They're totally back together," a source confirmed to Us Weekly after the couple walked the red carpet at the 2017 SAG Awards. "It's been a while since we've been on a red carpet together, but we're here tonight so we're excited about it," Anderson told Entertainment Tonight at the time. So who exactly is Anthony Anderson's better half? Keep reading to learn more about her. (Source:

While many couples have no problem being in the public limelight, despite the relationship between the two, and Alvina filing for their divorce helped make the couple’s personal lives get media attention. Aside from this, the couple had been living very private personal lives, and there wasn’t much to their public views. However, despite the couple being separated since 201, they ended up getting back together – something that many couples don’t get the opportunity to do in the celebrity world. In 2017, they made their rekindled romance public again and even went to the SAG Awards together. They then ended up turning heads the following year when Anthony ended up fixing his Queen’s shoe on the red carpet event the following year. (Source: www.muzu.tv)



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