A 1 ton dump trucks for sale on craigslist

A 1 ton dump trucks for sale on craigslist

1-ton dump trucks for sale on craigslist

5 ton dump trucks for sale on craigslist. 2 ton dump trucks for sale on craigslist. If you are looking to buy or sell dump trucks in 6 ton dump trucks for sale on craigslist. These trucks can be used for many purposes including construction.



Dump trucks are the true work horse for many industries and are often referred to as, dumpers, dumper trucks or dump trailers. Dump trucks are typically used for hauling material over the road or around a job-site. Like a truck tractor or semi trucks, they feature a cab but also offer a hydraulic dump bed in the rear. The hydraulic pump lifts the dump trailer in the rear to dispose of its contents. Dump trucks are used to carry a variety of materials such as debris, dirt, sand, gravel and much more which makes it a perfect fit for any industry. (Source: www.ironplanet.com)

In the last few years of operation, the company also marketed light to medium-duty cab/chassis vehicles from corporate siblings, such as the 360 (a rebadged Mitsubishi Fuso Canter) and Bullet (a badge-engineered Dodge Ram Chassis Cab). These were typically outfitted with bodies suitable for use as lighter vocational trucks — those designed to perform jobs other than straight freight hauling — including fire trucks, garbage trucks, dump trucks, concrete mixers, tanker trucks, and snowplows. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)


Whether you are hauling goods or dumping waste products, Alibaba.com has 25 ton dump truck to suit your needs. Search among a wide selection for the features and prices that work for you. Choose the 25 ton dump truck that let you customize colors and logos to get a vehicle that will look just right for your company. (Source: www.alibaba.com)

Anyone who's driven a dump truck on a job site knows that you need more than just utility. That's why International has designed the HX515 dump truck. With drivability, durability, and reliability, this a dump truck that will get the job done every time. Innovative features like over-the-air programming, an OnCommand™ remote diagnostics system, and the imminently upgradeable integrated point-to-point electrical system give you the confidence that you'll have all of the support that you need to do a job efficiently and with greater ease than ever before. Meanwhile, the incredible power of the 600 hp and 2,050 lb-ft torque engines (either A26 or X15) are complemented by the 150,000-lb capacity center tow pin and huck-bolted frame to give you all the hulking toughness to meet any demands. (Source: www.hillintltrucks.com)



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