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Satellite images have captured a new island on Australia's doorstep. Parramatta and Penrith continue to field 17-man squads. And a Northern Territory First Nations community is being granted leave. All this and more is covered in Australia's latest 9News newsletter.

Parramatta and Penrith stick with 17-man squads

With two rounds to go in the NRL season, two of the top teams have locked in their final 17s. While Parramatta have kept with the same 17-man squad, Penrith have made positional changes. Mitch Kenny has returned to start at hooker, while Apisai Koroisau has been moved to the interchange bench. Penrith will also start Marata Niukore in the lock position. Bryce Cartwright will fill in for Koroisau.

In the first half, both teams look to spread the ball around. Parramatta are looking to do this by kicking the ball to their backs. The Eels aren't getting it, however, and are forced to take a penalty after Shaun Lane bowls Nathan Cleary. This allows Penrith to take the ball out of their own half and go on the attack.

The Raiders are back in the centre after the bye week. They will also include Alex Seyfarth, who was promoted from the interchange to the starting 13. Parramatta have made a strong start to the season, and the 17-man squads named today reflect their impressive start.

The Eels have received a lot of criticism for their performance this season. However, they are now a finals team after claiming the Minor Premiership last year. Many thought that they would be cannon fodder in the finals series. In preliminary rounds, they were beaten 8-6 by the Penrith Panthers.

The Parramatta Panthers have a great second-rower in Mitch Kenny. Mitchell Moses kicked down to Edwards and helped Penrith get a half break early on in the match. Penrith's players are the loudest at this stage of the match.

Both sides have a few key players out for Origin, with Nathan Cleary set to miss this match with a shoulder injury. Jed Cartwright, James Roberts and Matamua all missing. In other changes, Mark Nicholls and Taane Milne are back at the centre and Bayley Sironen in the backrow.

The Parramatta Eels and Penrith Panthers keep their 17-man squads. While the Melbourne Storm make a few changes, the two sides stick with 17-man squads. They also retain Corey Norman, Jack Howarth and Reimis Smith.

While the Eels have a few key players missing, there are many young guns in the side. Kennedy Cherrington, the 2020 Rookie of the Year, will return to the Eels. Her sister Rueben Cherrington will also be back as a key player in the Eels. Both sides will struggle to replace key players in their halves.

The Panthers and Roosters won the NRL grand final two years ago. They have a chance to go all the way next year. Both teams will need to find a way to avoid the wooden spoon. Penrith also won the NSW Cup and the Interstate Challenge this season.

Parramatta and Penrith grant leave to First Nations community in the Northern Territory

A Parramatta and Penrith councillor is giving up a paid leave to help the First Nations community in the Northern Territory. The community has been struggling with the effects of a severe epidemic of cholera. The government has been unable to provide adequate funding for the community's health needs.

The city of Penrith is located 50 kilometres west of Sydney. It has a long history of Aboriginal people who have inhabited the area for thousands of years. These people were hunter-gatherers who left traces of their homes on the landscape. The area was once home to the Darug Aboriginal community. The word darug is Aboriginal for yam, which was a staple part of the Aboriginal diet.

A number of policies have been introduced over the years to protect Aboriginal people's rights. These include a ban on alcohol, a ban on pornography, and a school attendance proviso on welfare payments. The Stronger Futures Act has also enacted legislation to protect children.

The Northern Territory attorney-general continues to lobby the federal government for funding for CNS. In 2016, the federal government offered to fund the first three years of the CNS service, on the condition that the jurisdictions would make use of the law and take over full funding after three years. This agreement was accepted by the Western Australian and Northern Territory governments. Since then, CNS has helped more than 16,000 people, including children as young as 10 years old.

The federal government has also approved a custody notification service last year. The federal government has approved this system for south australia, but the state government did not sign on to it because it has other welfare mechanisms in place. These programs are the best way to ensure that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are receiving the legal help they need.

The return of traditional Aboriginal lands in the Northern Territory was made possible by Gough Whitlam. The Gurindji people had been on a strike since 1966 against Vestey's, protesting poor working conditions and the alienation of their land rights. This resulted in national attention and support for the campaign.

In response, the NT government has relaxed its quarantine rules for domestic visitors. As a result, the NT has the highest number of COVID cases per capita in the country. In the NT, 31 percent of the population is Aboriginal. Most of these people are struggling in overcrowded communities with poor health services.

The Native Institution in Parramatta operated from January 1814 until December 1820. The institution was designed to educate Aborigines, and offered land grants to settled adults. The students were mainly returned to their families. However, the school's enrollment increased from 37 students in September 1816 to twenty in 1820 and thirteen in 1822.

Historically, the First Nations community of the Northern Territory inhabited the area alongside the clay cliff creek. This creek was a vital source of living resources and food. The Burramattagal clan rotated their campsites across their territory, and the creek supplied them with abundant food. In 1788, Governor Arthur Phillip was camped beside Clay Cliff Creek. During the time, Phillip discovered good soil in the region. He named the land at Parramatta as Rose Hill and Crescent Hill.

9News - Latest News And Headlines From Australia And The World

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In this week's 9News, we're examining the shocking images of a newly discovered island near Australia, the Australian bus drivers rally outside Parliament House and the allegations that NZ police fabricated crimes in order to access powerful databases. We also look at Australia's efforts to rescue up to 60 ISIS brides who've languished in camps overseas.

Satellite images capture a brand new island on Australia's doorstep

Australia has just added a brand-new island to its map! In just two days, an underwater volcano erupted and a brand-new island was created. The island grew in size over the next few days as the lava cooled off in the ocean. At first, the island was just four thousand square metres, with an elevation of 10 meters above sea level. Within a week, it had grown to a whopping 24,000 square metres.

Satellite images of Australia's coastline have allowed scientists to create the most detailed maps yet. These satellite images capture the shoreline at multiple times throughout the year, which will provide a wealth of information to stakeholders. The first images were taken on Oct. 31 by Geoscience Australia, which map the Kimberly coast every year using Landsat satellite data.

Australia's bus drivers rally outside Parliament House

More than 30 bus drivers have rallied outside Parliament House, seeking greater pay and better conditions. They are also calling for more Transit Officers. A long-time bus driver describes what the job is like and the difficulties they face on a daily basis. This story is available only to subscribers.

The drivers are calling for more government support to help them cope with the financial crisis they are facing. Without help from the Federal Government, the industry faces a future of bankruptcy and collapse. Their plight has been made even worse by the Covid virus that infected Australia's passengers. They say that without a government rescue package, the bus industry will be closed down.

The protests were held at Old Parliament House in Canberra on Thursday. Some protesters were dressed as Donald Trump, others as coronavirus and others. Protesters held speeches outside the barricades and called for peaceful protest. A few activists even told the rally goers that if they behaved, they would be invited to Parliament. A representative from the United Australia Party also promised to bring a delegation to the rally to make their case.

The rally came a day after BlueScope Steel announced it would cut a thousand jobs and shut down half of its steel-making capacity. The truckers' protests also forced the closure of a few border crossings. A similar march took place over the weekend in Canada.

The protests were organized by anti-vaccine activists in Australia, with many of the protesters carrying signs against government authority and the vaccine. One Nation leader Pauline Hanson also joined the rally, which was inspired by Canada's Convoy to Canberra. The rally drew thousands of people from all over the country.

The number of protesters is expected to rise this weekend, and could lead to violence. The protest organizer concluded his video by referencing hanging the prime minister. One of the protesters, however, warned the far-right lawmaker to stay away from the Parliament buildings.

NZ police fabricated crimes to gain access to powerful databases

The NZ police have been accused of fabricating crimes in order to gain access to powerful databases. These databases record vehicle number plates and the movements of people, including women. Private-sector companies also operate a huge network of CCTV cameras to monitor people. But it isn't clear whether these databases are reliable or not.

One of the databases is a DNA profile database that stores information about individuals. The other database stores data about unsolved crimes. The two databases are constantly compared and the results are communicated to the New Zealand police. The DNA matching technology in New Zealand is second to none in the world. About 70% of unsolved crimes are successfully linked to people, and the rest are linked to another crime.

Australians petition to put Steve Irwin's face on $5 note

The recent announcement that the Queen will be replacing the current face of the $5 note has divided Australians. While many were pleased with the choice, others are unhappy with it. Some have said the face of the note should remain the same. The change is coming as the government works through a transition process.

Australians are urging the government to consider putting Steve Irwin's face on a $5 note. Irwin has become an Australian icon as a wildlife expert and conservationist. He is also a popular television personality. A recent study has argued that Irwin would be an appropriate candidate to represent Australian wildlife on a banknote.

The death of Steve Irwin, better known as 'the Crocodile Hunter', has spurred a national discussion about changing the face of the country's $5 note. Australians have been petitioning the Reserve Bank of Australia to put Irwin's face on the currency. This new design is meant to replace the current one of Queen Elizabeth II, which depicts the monarch of Australia. However, the current $5 note will continue to feature the image of Queen Elizabeth II.

The Australians' petition to put Irwin's face on the $5 note has garnered over 31,000 signatures. Irwin is not the only Australian icon that is up for consideration, as many other icons have expressed their desire to be on the $5 note. Other candidates include Kylie Minogue, Anne Edmonds, Bert Newton, and Shane Warne.

Australians have a great history of honouring the people who have helped shape our culture. This means that it's important for the Australian National Bank to recognise the importance of Steve Irwin's contribution to Australian culture. He epitomised mateship and worked for education and conservation. In short, he was a great bloke and a wonderful ambassador for Australian culture.

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There is an outbreak of ebola in west Africa and Australia is bracing itself to face the threat. The world health organisation has issued a global alert and has detected 18 cases of the disease in Uganda. Meanwhile, Australia is quietly preparing to repatriate 60 ISIS brides who have been detained in camps overseas.

Australians are petitioning to put Steve Irwin's face on the new $5 note instead of King Charles

Many Australians have called for the face of Steve Irwin to be put on the new $5 note instead of King Charles, and now the Australian National Bank has finally listened to the people's demands. The 96-year-old Australian zoologist and animal lover became a national icon and his death caused mourning throughout the country. King Charles will also feature on coins. The new $5 notes will have his profile facing the right, which will continue a tradition dating back to the 17th century.

There are many reasons why Australians want Steve Irwin's face on the $5 note. One reason is that he's a national hero and a celebrity. He's also famous for saving the lives of animals and protecting the environment. It would be fitting for him to be featured on the new note, which will be issued in July.

A petition promoting the idea has already garnered more than 31,000 signatures, and has been widely shared online. Other Australian icons that have expressed their desire to be on the $5 note include Kylie Minogue, Anne Edmonds, Bert Newton, Shane Warne, and many more.

King Charles' portrait will also be on coins, and the Royal Australian Mint is working towards getting it on those coins by the end of the year. For the time being, the $5 note with Steve Irwin's face is likely to be the face of the new Australian five dollar note.

The $5 note has been featuring the face of Queen Elizabeth II since the 1990s, but King Charles III will be appearing on the new coin in the years to come. The coins with his head on them will most likely be made of gold. So, the new $5 note will feature the face of the King of England in the near future.

Australia's biggest renewable hydrogen project will go ahead in the Pilbara

Australia's biggest renewable hydrogen project will go on ahead in the Pilbara after the federal government awarded $2 million to the project in 2016. The project is also being supported by a $47.5 million grant from the Australian government and a further $2 million from the Western Australian government. The project is part of the government's $160 million renewable hydrogen strategy.

The project, which will include a 10 MW electrolyser, eight MW of solar PV and an eight-MW lithium-ion battery energy storage system, will be built near Karratha, Western Australia. It will convert water to green hydrogen, which can be used for chemical feedstock, as a zero emission transport fuel and for heat generation. The plant will also generate electricity for a nearby liquid ammonia facility.

The project is an important step for Australia's future energy security and carbon emission reductions. The Pilbara is a highly competitive mining region and has a high level of energy demand. The AREH project is expected to abate at least 17 million tonnes of carbon annually from the region's existing emissions. It will also create thousands of jobs, both during construction and after it is operational.

The AREH project will become one of the world's largest renewable hydrogen energy hubs. It will feature multiple phases and will have a combined capacity of 26 GW. It is expected to generate 1.6 million metric tons of green hydrogen and nine million metric tons of green ammonia per year. It will also contribute to BP's ambition of capturing a 10% share of the world's hydrogen market.

The AREH project is supported by the Australian Government with $47.5 million grant. The grant was conditionally approved in ARENA's Renewable Hydrogen Deployment Funding Round. The Western Australian Government's Renewable Hydrogen Strategy also provides $2 million of funding to the project. Construction is expected to start in October and the project is expected to be complete by early 2024.

The NZ police fabricated crimes to gain access a powerful database that records the number plates of cars and people. The new system was designed to help them track down people and track their movements. It also allowed them to access CCTV footage. The NZ police used the system to falsely report cars stolen.

It used two databases - the DNA Profile Databank and the Crime Sample Databank. Each database has profiles of individuals that have committed crimes in New Zealand. These databases are constantly matched, and the results are communicated to the New Zealand Police. DNA matching is a powerful tool for solving crimes. In New Zealand, DNA profiling can successfully link over 70% of unsolved cases to a specific individual. In addition, 30% of unsolved crimes can be linked to another crime.

King Charles' swollen hands and fingers are not new

King Charles' swollen fingers and hands aren't a new thing, but they've gotten a lot of attention recently. People have been wondering what's causing them. There are several possible explanations, including a sudden change in temperature. However, swollen fingers and hands are also a common symptom of arthritis, which affects the tissues in joints and can result in pain, stiffness, and loss of function. Other symptoms include wasting muscles and weakness. Luckily, medication can help relieve these symptoms.

The most common cause of swollen fingers and hands is edema, or fluid retention. The condition can develop in a number of different ways, including a high-salt diet and some medications used to treat high blood pressure.

The new monarch may have to rein in the environmental activism of the royal family. It may also be time for the current monarch to end her environmental activism. In the meantime, 9News is asking readers to submit a special message to the monarch.

The British monarchy is being criticized for King Charles' continued climate change advocacy. While some see this as a problem, others think it's an issue that the monarchy shouldn't address.

Latest News and Headlines From Australia and the World

9News  Latest news and headlines from Australia and the world

The latest headlines are breaking on the world stage and Australia's doorstep. In an explosive development, a pregnant 24-year-old woman was found with her womb and other body parts mutilated. She was thought to have been sacrificed by ISIS. Meanwhile, the WHO has warned of a global ebola outbreak after 18 people died from the virus in Uganda. And quietly, Australia is preparing to repatriate up to 60 ISIS brides from foreign camps.

Australia isn't the only country affected by the recent eruption of an underwater volcano. In less than 24 hours, an entire land mass was created near the country. It started out as a small crater, erupted from the ocean and quickly grew. By the time the satellite images were taken on September 14, it covered 4000 square metres. And by September 20, it had grown to 24,000 square metres.

Scientists from Geoscience Australia used satellite imagery to map the coastline across Australia. They had to map the coastlines in a way that was both continent-wide and locally relevant. They used the Landsat archive and its 30-meter-sized pixels. That's about the size of a baseball diamond! By analyzing the satellite's images, scientists can now use this information to map the Kimberly coast every year.

Support for the stage three tax cuts remains low

According to a recent poll, most Australians support sound economic management and keeping election promises, but they are divided on the stage three tax cuts. According to the Australia Institute, 41 per cent of Australians want to repeal the tax cuts, while 22 per cent are opposed. The poll also found that high-income Australians support the repeal of the tax cuts more than lower-income ones.

The stage three tax cuts were legislated in 2018, but they have yet to take effect. They are primarily targeted at high income earners, with those making more than $200,000 a year getting a $9075 tax cut per year. These tax cuts will leave those earning below $45,000, disability carers, and aged workers worse off. If the Low and Middle Income Tax Offset is not extended, the stage three tax cuts will leave 80% of Australians worse off than they are now.

Critics of stage three tax cuts want the conversation to focus on how Australia will pay for services, including aged care and early childhood education. The government and opposition are working to find alternative solutions. If the stage three cuts go ahead, they will cost $184.2 billion over seven years. This loss of revenue cannot be regained and will continue to grow over time.

While Scott Morrison may have defended the stage three tax cuts, there are few Liberal and National Party members who have publicly spoken in favor of them. Only one LNP MP, Guy Rundle, has come out against them. Despite their poor support, there is little doubt that the government will not axe them.

Parramatta and Penrith stick with their 17-man squads

Parramatta and Penrith have stuck with their 17-man squads for the Round 15 clash. Both teams have made some positional changes, though. For the Panthers, Mitch Kenny will start at hooker, while Api Koroisau moves to the interchange position. Brad Arthur has also moved Marata Niukore to the run-on side from the lock position. Ryan Matterson will start from the bench. For the Eels, meanwhile, Kurt Robati and Samu Paea have been rested.

The two sides will announce their lineups at 6.30pm AEDT on Sunday. If Parramatta sticks with its 17-man squad, Mitch Kenny may start in place of Apisai Koroisau. Penrith coach Ivan Cleary may also start Nathan Brown and Mitch Kenny at lock instead of Koroisau.

Parramatta has three back-rowers and a few mid-fielders who can shift wide. Despite a small team, Dylan Edwards is likely to wear the Clive Churchill Medal, and he is a humble player. The side will open the season against the Knights on February 27. In round three, they will host the Titans.

After an early penalty for a high tackle, Penrith are forced into a drop-out. Mitchell Moses runs through to almost grab the ball, but Penrith's back three clean up the ball. The Panthers stay on the attack and win a ten-metre scrum. In the ensuing play, Liam Martin almost goes over on the right hand side off the scrum.

Nathan Brown is back on the interchange bench for Parramatta after missing the preliminary final match against North Queensland. His return will give Brad Arthur another option in the grand final. After missing the last four games of the season due to injury, Nathan Brown is now available again after a lengthy absence from the side.

After a stalemate, the Eels look like they'll score again. With Parramatta's last set, they've come inside the 20. They're able to convert a penalty try and push their lead to two tries after an impressive drive. The Eels' fullbacks, however, continue to struggle to stay in the game and must take advantage of any opportunity they can get.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk dumps idea to "gather data from other states"

A controversial plan by Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczk to collect data on property values in other states has been scrapped. This comes after weeks of negative publicity and a refusal from other state premiers to work with Queensland on the project. The government had already hoped to gather data from other states to create a national land tax system, but the plan ran into opposition from other state premiers.

Critics say the plan entrenches a two-party system and lacks accountability to taxpayers. They also warn of the rise of a professional political class and vested interests in policy development. Regardless of their views on the issue, many Australians support sound economic management over passwords.

Meanwhile, Victorians were shocked at the record daily numbers of people infected with the coronavirus, which killed about half of its victims. Premier Daniel Andrews has said the cases were "avoidable". The Covid-19 Response Commander says the number was likely increased by the large number of AFL Grand Final parties. Epidemiologist Adrian Esterman says a common cause is construction workers.

Immigration officials in Queensland will now accept rapid antigen tests instead of PCR tests as a standard means of determining the presence of certain diseases. However, the change will only be effective when 90 percent of Queenslanders aged 16 and over have been fully vaccinated. This goal is expected to be achieved by January. This change was announced on the state's official Twitter page. Previously, Queensland had a requirement to collect data from other states for 72 hours and five days after travel. However, only 0.6% of travellers were tested on day five.

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