99 ranch market hours

99 ranch market hours



PT Supra Boga Lestari Tbk (“The Company”) was established in 1997. The Company started its operations by opening the first supermarket (Ranch Market) in January 1998, which initially with franchise arrangement from Ranch Market USA. Later on, the Company made improvements and adjustments to Ranch Market to suit with the market and lifestyle of customers in Indonesia. In 2010, the Company entered into termination agreement with Ranch Market USA. Furthermore, the Company entered into agreement to obtain license to use Ranch Market brand in Indonesia and separate from Ranch Market USA.

The store's out-of-this-world bakery, filled with mouthwatering pastries lures visitors in. If you're hungry for lunch, you can stop at their food court and enjoy traditional Asian dishes. 99 Ranch Market carries fresh produce, an enormous seafood selection (including many things still swimming), and all the meats you expect. They also carry a selection of Asian cosmetics, toiletries, and jewelry. Expect a clean store, low prices and professional employees. (Source:

It was an amazing ribbon cutting ceremony where members of the GGCC Board were given rose boutonnieres and there was a lion dance performance by the Tai Yim Kung Fu School. Plus, there were more than 200 customers waiting in line for their free surprise gifts. 99 Ranch Market offers a wide, competitive and impressive selection of items: fresh produce, specialty goods, and daily baked goods. The in-store hot deli section will also be serving Asian delicacies, providing a real taste of the authentic Asian food. Free cleaning, deep frying and steaming services are available at the Seafood department. Learn more about them at: www.99ranch.com.


)Asians are one of the fastest growing ethnic populations in the U.S., and 99 Ranch Market is poised to also continue expanding. According to the Pew Research Center, a record 20 million people in the U.S. trace their roots back to Asia, and the number of Asians in the U.S. has grown 72 percent since 2000. Since opening its first store 35 years ago, the grocery brand has become the largest Asian supermarket chain in the U.S. Today, 99 Ranch Market operates more than 50 stores, with locations in California, Texas, Nevada, Oregon, New Jersey, Maryland and Washington state, with each store carrying more than 15,000 unique product items that are sourced both locally and from around the world. (Source:

“Our stores were more financially burdened than many of our competitors,” says Jonson Chen, chairman and son of the founder. “On average, we take more time to create and build out a new, comfortable shopping environment with curated products imported from faraway places. We don’t want to just throw products up on old shelves when we set up a new location.” Consistent cash flow, inventory keeping and mapping out the logistics for each item was a challenge for the Chen family. (Source: www.eastwestbank.com)



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