911 Dispatcher Resume

911 Dispatcher Resume

911 Dispatcher Resume

A 911 Dispatcher is basically a computer or telephone or radio operator who connects people with emergency services like fire, police or medical services. To handle these coordinating processes the 911 Dispatcher Resume gives a list of some common activities like – taking responsibility of handling multiple channels of communication, handling crisis management and dealing with people who are overwhelmed or terrified; creating and copying files, processing legal violations, operating and monitoring alarm systems; and relaying crucial information with co-workers to handle emergency services.



Employers look for candidates depicting these skills – experience in handling and communicating emergency problems, ability to understand the received message and provide clear instructions, proficiency in reading maps, ability to advise people on how to manage the emergencies, proficiency in CAD dispatch programs, and knowledge of managing multiple phone lines. While formal education is not needed, most of the resumes display an emergency training course completion certificate.

Instead of beginning your resume for a 9-1-1 dispatcher position with a Career Objective section, you should begin with a Professional Summary. In your summary, you should describe yourself using wording that parallels the title in the job description as closely as possible. In addition, select qualities highlighted in the job description that aligns most closely with your experience. It is likely, especially if you are applying for a position with a large municipality, that your application will be reviewed an automated applicant tracking systems (ATS), so make sure that you match keywords from the job description to your own wording wherever possible. (Source: www.careersingovernment.com)


Safety-conscious individual with excellent communication skills and the ability to effectively utilize a radio system. Interested in the position of a Dispatcher at XYZ Company to provide prompt emergency and non-emergency communications response to individuals. Coming with positive and courteous attitude and a High School diploma.

Active listener with superb verbal and written communication skills, familiar with using radio systems, and automated dispatch and law enforcement systems and databases. Seeking a Dispatcher position in ABC, coming with the ability to handle stressful situations, maintain confidentiality, and follow instructions. (Source: bestresumeobjectiveexamples.com)


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