615 Area Code

615 Area Code


615 Area Code



Much like the original usage of telephone numbers, this area code is a set of numbers assigned to an area of the United States. It first became active in 1947, and was originally restricted to California. In 2017, the 615 area code was split into the 619 and 628 area codes.

Area code 615 is in Tennessee (TN), USA and some of the main locations covered are Nashville, Murfreesboro, Franklin, .. (jump to city list below). (Source:www.areacodelocations.info)



Is your area code listed in the 1000 newest number ranges added in 1990?

The decision to implement the new area code as an overlay, rather than a split, was made to spare Nashville-area residents and businesses the expense and burden of having to change their numbers, which would have required en masse reprogramming of cell phones. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)


This area code, known as the state of Maryland and located in the eastern part of the United States, serves much of the Baltimore metropolitan area. It is a 614-419 phone number with a 615 prefix.

Although this was intended to be a long-term solution, within a year 615 was nearing exhaustion due to the rapid growth of the Nashville area, as well as the proliferation of cell phones and pagers. This forced yet another split in September 1997; the 615 area was reduced to its current size, while most of the western, southern, and eastern portions of the old 615 territory—including Clarksville, Cookeville, Columbia, and Tullahoma—was split off as area code 931, which now almost entirely surrounds 615. This made 615 largely coextensive with the inner ring of the Nashville metropolitan area. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)


Manhattan is covered in area codes. It is often stated that this is the most densely populated area code area in the United States. There are more than 615 area codes in this city alone. The number of different area codes there is astounding, which is why Manhattan also has the most area codes of any city in the whole world. In addition, this city had an average 42 area code there per 100 people in 2014.



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