60 gaming keyboard ducky

60 gaming keyboard ducky

Miami Keycaps:

We’re a team of inventors with a mission: community and accessibility. Miami Keycaps is our first product for all of you who have hit a barrier in online trading. Don’t know how to invest? Confused by the noise? Don’t know who to trust? Let Miami Keycaps help you make sense of your crypto through increasingly elegant keycaps.


Double Shot PBT Keycaps 108 Backlit Milk Pudding Keycap Set OEM Profile Translucent Keycaps Kit for Cherry MX Mechanical Keyboard , ANSI / ISO ( european) layout, this keyset fits most 60% , 82, 84, 87 ,104 and 108 keys keyboards.Only PBT Keycaps 60 Percent 61-Key Custom Keycap Set for Mechanical Keyboard OEM Profile MX Style Covers for RK61 / Poker/Anne PRO / GK61 Mechanical Keyboard (Miami) .【Stand Out Aesthetic Color Set 】 Inspired by the vivid colors of Miami sunsets, the Akko Neon keycap color is designed by the palette combines cool tones of neon cyan, turquoise blue, purple, and hot pink. With the simple and balanced keycap summery color scheme, the AKKO Neon keycap set enliven your typing and brings more excitement and energy for you. 【Double Shot 85% PBT Keycaps】The Akko Neon Keycap Set delivers in quality with ultra-durable dye-sublimated PBT plastic whose legends will never wear away. The Double-Shot PBT keycaps enhances the overall durability with water and dust resistance. 【Exquisite Reusable Gift package】 With playful functional packaging, the Akko Neon Keycap set is not only an excellent gift in any occasions, also has the significance of collection. You can collect keycaps into the exquisite keycap package. If you want your keyboard to feel like a work of art, the Akko Neon will give you different experience.

FROM THE IBM TERMINAL TO THE DESKTOP: Based on the profile form the iconic IBM beamspring terminals of the 1970s, this custom set is fully sculpted in Hi-Profile. From its heavily slanted design to the scooped, contoured tops of each cap, the set recreates the feel of vintage keyboards.The Tai-Hao keycap sets are cheap and cheerful keycaps that will decorate your keyboard without breaking the bank. These keycaps are durable thanks to their PBT plastic and double-shot injection production method, no unreliable printing on top of the plastic. Tai-Hao keycaps are made out of PBT (Polybutylene terephthalate) which is one of the most wear-resistant materials used in the computer industry. This keycap set is in ISO layout and is made for ISO-DE keyboards. This keycap set is a Cherry MX (and clone) switch compatible set, 2 free keycap pullers are included with the set. The materials and prints on this keycap set are resistant to friction and solvents; this keycap set does not include any coating which can cause them to become dirty. (Source: candykeys.com)



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