6 Star Rank up Ticket Future Fight OOR

6 Star Rank up Ticket Future Fight OOR

6 Star Rank up Ticket Future Fight

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MODOK is defeated and reveals he was researching Ultron by summoning his dimensional alternates before Red Skull stole the dimension transporter. After this event, SHIELD agents begin to be attacked by thugs with advanced weaponry. The group of heroes fight them off and chase after Red Skull and Hydra, who is defeated alongside Ultron. An interdimensional transference device opens between time, and the future versions of themselves appear. They, too are defeated, and a dimensional split occurs. After that heroes defeat Inhumans and Loki, and proceed on to meet Dr. Simmons.

Human Torch – A Blast type of hero, Human Torch boosts his party’s fire damage and is very sustainable thanks to his innately high dodge rating. Although he is one of the best characters in Marvel Future Fight and part of the Epic Quest “First Family,” we would save him for the second or third Selector, following Morgan Le Fay and Iron Hammer. Once you do add him to your team, though, he will significantly boost your damage and frequently stun enemy units. (Source: www.bluestacks.com)


Marvel: Future Fight was released on April 30, 2015 for iOS and Android. It was developed by Netmarble Games, creators of titles such as Star Wars: Force Arena, Seven Knights, Raven (Evilbane in the U.S.) and Everybody's Marble. Marvel worked closely with Netmarble to establish the various character backgrounds, appearances and traits. The storyline for the game was penned by best-selling Marvel comics writer Peter David.

Captain America (Sharon Rogers) is arguably one of the best heroes in Marvel Future Fight, even when judged against characters that can only be bought with real currency! Especially if you can obtain the Starlight Armor uniform for her, she becomes unstoppable during missions. This shouldn’t be too difficult to do, provided that you don’t spend your Crystals on other purchases. In addition, if you buy Starlight Armor before any other uniform, you can get it for as little as 500 Crystals. (Source: www.bluestacks.com)



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