4 o'clock meaning

4 o'clock meaning


4 o'clock meaning

This song “4 O'CLOCK” is a collaboration between BTS members V and RM as part of the group’s fourth-anniversary celebration, familiarly known by fans as BTS Festa. This soulful song talks about the early morning just before dawn, a time V said he would often spend sitting waiting to meet friends, particularly fellow BTS member Jimin.


From here, it is clearly said that Taehyung wanted to write a song about “dawn”, specifically moments before dawn; that short window of time before the sky warms up — before sunrise. It’s also called the blue hour. The blue hour is like the golden hour, a moment of time that is very fleeting and brief. The change is harsh and fast, and it’s now morning by the time we reach RM’s rap. “I go on living just enough, keeping in step, wearing my feet our just enough” — RM swiftly phrases through how he feels and does on a diurnal cycle. Fast tempo to give the subtext of being busy and quick-paced, as most of us are during the day.

implying he is already nearing dawn; the entrance of the drums and the spilled rush within RM’s rap verse about the morning, decelerating tempo as he nears twilight… it’s just pure genius with the number of details has been put.It’s been said many a time that the RM&V collaboration was one of the best ones that came out of BTS and it’s obvious why. Both artists, although stylistically different and distinct from one another, respecting the other’s creative vision and abilities to produce this. Even without their fancafe posts, it is heard in the music and lyrics of the mindfulness they had on each other’s parts and it’s why this song is simply beautiful. (Source: nvwrites.medium.com)


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