27 Is What Percent of 50

I went to buy a cigar and four boxes of matches back in 2005 and the cashier said, "I'm sorry, today only we're $27". Obviously I knew in my head that's not really what the price of a cigar was, but I didn't care. Experiences with "27" are littered throughout history, ranging from the Devil worshipping cult of 27s to the 27 Club-- a group of musicians who died at the age of 27.


Researchers asked 200 families whether or not they were the homeowner and how many cars they had. Their response was homeowner: 14 no car or one car, two or more cars 86, not homeowner: 38 no car or one car, two or more cars 62. What percent of the famili

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“I’ll never need to know how to do this math again anyway!” – Unfortunately, this statement is not entirely true. After school, percentages are often found in price calculations connected with dollar amounts and interest accumulation. For example, percent calculations appear in regard to price increases, discounts, VAT with net and gross values, or with profit calculations.

When comparing two values with each other, one is often interested in the percentage difference between the numbers. So, for example, if you want to determine whether there are 30% more men than women in a company, or whether this year, 28% less people went to the federal election than last year. Another real-world example could be shoe size comparisons. For instance, going from a women’s shoe size of US 7 to US 8, understanding that there is a 0.25 inch different between said shoe sizes, and wanting to know what percent this difference corresponds to. (Source: www.blitzresults.com)


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