2 page resume header example

2 page resume header example

2 page resume header example

This page has two resumes on it, which is a common page on a personal resume. The first resume is for someone who has 15 years of experience as a technician. That experience spans across a wide range of industry jobs, including manufacturing, finance and education. The second resume is for someone who has a greater combination of qualifications, including 10 years in technical/engineering positions, and a master’s degree in engineering.


If you are changing careers or have less than five years of experience in a relevant field, it’s recommended to keep your resume to one page only. However, the deciding factor for whether to include a second page on your resume is if you have enough relevant skills and accomplishments to fill a second page. Only using a single page resume used to be the standard because the second page could easily be lost when resumes were typically faxed or mailed to employers. Since most resumes are now sent digitally, the risk of losing a page is reduced.

When you are trying to make a one-page resume, but your information overflows onto a second page, there are many ways to shorten your resume. First, change the font of your resume (if you are using 12-point font, try an 11-point font). If your headings are a very large size, try making them slightly smaller. However, you probably still want them to be slightly larger than the rest of the text. (Source: www.thebalancecareers.com)


Including social media on a resume has become commonplace. In fact, studies show that most recruiters will search for your online profiles before deciding whether to interview you. By including the most relevant social media links on your resume, you're saving recruiters time and providing them with the details they care about. Start by adding the link to your public LinkedIn profile. Other social media accounts should only be mentioned on your resume if they're related to your profession. If you work in a creative field, for example, consider adding a link to your online portfolio or blog as well. Whichever links you decide to include on your resume, be sure that they will support, rather than sabotage, your job-search efforts and that they are kept up to date.



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