Xscape And SWV Continue Top Billing Beef From 'Queens Of R&B'

Xscape And SWV Continue Top Billing Beef From 'Queens Of R&B'


Xscape And SWV Continue Top Billing Beef From 'Queens Of R&B'

One of the most iconic girl groups ever, Xscape, is returning. Comprised of Kandi Burruss, Tameka "Tiny" Harris, LaTocha Scott and Tamika Scott - they achieved multi-platinum sales in the '90s and are making a comeback through their Bravo docuseries series.

The show Xscape has been getting a lot of attention due to the drama between members. Particularly LaTocha and Tamika Scott.

Xscape’s ‘Just Kickin’ It’

Xscape's classic R&B hit, 'Just Kickin' It', remains the top billing song from their Bravo reality series 'Queens Of R&B.' Released on their debut album 'Hummin' Comin' At 'Cha' back in 1993, this great ballad has plenty of hooks.

Fans are eagerly awaiting the premiere of Xscape: Kandi Burruss, Tameka "Tiny" Cottle, LaTocha Scott and Tamika Scott - as they navigate their relationships, work on their business ventures and perform together. Executive produced by Love & Hip Hop franchise creator Mona Scott-Young, it offers viewers an intimate look into these women's lives.

The series will follow Kandi, LaTocha, Tameka and Tamika as they attempt to reignite their romances with each other and prepare to perform on stage. It also highlights tense moments between the sisters as they balance professional and personal lives while juggling family responsibilities and music career.

It's an intriguing approach for the show as it showcases how much Xscape has evolved over time. Kandi has achieved Grammy success and become a successful businesswoman, while Tiny has put her career on hold to focus on family.

The series will also showcase Xscape members' struggles with family issues and disagreements with their promoters. It offers an insightful look into the lives of these iconic R&B groups that remain successful after all these years - making it a must-watch for fans of these R&B icons.

SWV’s ‘It’s About Time’

This 1990s R&B song about a girl with a ring on her finger captures the enthralling feeling of love. Missy Elliott's smooth vocals and Timbaland's lush production make this one of the greatest dance songs ever composed.

SWV has always excelled at writing music, and their debut album It's About Time proves it. One of its standout tracks is "Weak," a multiplatinum track and one of the biggest singles from the New York City-based trio's career.

It was one of the better-produced albums of its era and remains a classic today. Paying homage to female R&B's golden age, It's About Time is essential listening for fans of this genre.

Experience the beauty of SWV and Xscape: The Queens Of R&B every Sunday at 9:30/8:30c on Bravo. Alternatively, you can watch on streaming platforms such as Sling TV, Fubo, DirectTV Stream or Hulu + Live TV without spending a fortune in cable or satellite subscription fees. Get ready to see some of music's most beautiful women demonstrate their musical prowess alongside social media moguls! So don't wait any longer - hit that 'Like' button below for all the latest info from Xscape and SWV teams!

Xscape’s ‘Beautiful’

If you've been following Xscape or SWV, then you know there has been some tension recently. Kandi Burruss, the leader of Xscape, is not pleased with how things are progressing with her bandmates.

Kandi is currently working on the reality show "SWV & Xscape: The Queens of R&B," airing on Bravo. The series takes viewers inside their lives as a group and how they deal with challenges that come along with it.

One of the greatest struggles Xscape has had is controlling their egos. This has been an issue since their reunion tour began back in 2021.

However, they have made progress in this area. As evidenced by their recent appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show, Xscape's communication skills have been sharpening.

But there are still some issues within their group dynamics. Particularly, it appears Tamika and LaTocha Scott are having difficulties getting along with other members.

In the show's pilot episode, viewers get a glimpse of some these issues as the ladies discuss their upcoming tour. It was during this meeting that one of them made a comment about wanting top billing on their tour.

This created an intense level of tension in the room and demonstrated their differing perspectives on how to run their business.

Thankfully, the ladies were able to put their differences aside and make this work. But they must remember that it won't be easy - it takes a lot of effort and patience. Hopefully they will continue working hard towards keeping tensions at bay in the future.

SWV’s ‘Mrs. Steal Your Man’

Fans of SWV may be familiar with their hit song 'Mrs. Steal Your Man' (featured on their 1997 album New Beginning), but did you know it's one of R&B music's greatest cheating jams?

The '90s was a golden age for girl groups, and SWV had some major hits to prove it. In fact, they even achieved multiplatinum status during this period with hits like "I'm So into You" and "Right Here."

In celebration of Xscape & SWV: Queens Of R&B's upcoming limited series, let us take a look back at some of their greatest music videos. From classic peephole shots to cowboy hat-adorned clips, here are some iconic clips from this legendary group.

We've got some classic favorites that will transport you back to a simpler, sweeter time, such as the 1993 single "Weak" and 1997 smash hit "Mrs. Steal Your Man."

With their latest album, Still, the ladies have returned to their soulful R&B roots. While their signature ballads remain at the core of this release, there's also plenty of nostalgia-inducing songs with retro beats and harmonies that modern radio doesn't seem interested in anymore. But true fans will surely appreciate it nonetheless.

Xscape’s ‘It’s About Time’

On Sunday night, Bravo debuted a new television show featuring 90s girl groups SWV and Xscape. Titled SWV & Xscape: The Queens Of R&B, the show follows Kandi Burruss, Tameka "Tiny" Harris and Tamika Scott as they gear up for an intense joint concert experience.

No doubt Xscape and SWV have had their fair share of issues and strained relationships, yet they managed to put those aside in order for this show to be a success. It's an incredibly rare occurrence for two powerful R&B acts to collaborate without major drama.

This album is a posthumous endeavor, drawing from Jackson's unfinished songs left behind after his passing in 2009. L.A. Reid, Timbaland and others produced these demos to bring them to completion and closure.

Michael Jackson's voice is heard in a completely new light on this album, which offers plenty of songs that celebrate love but also tackle topics such as feeling trapped by toxic relationships or sexual abuse. It truly captures Michael Jackson's unique style.

For instance, the first single off the album, Love Never Felt So Good, originally featured on Thriller in 1983 but wasn't included for Bad. Here it has been reworked to sound more like what King of Pop intended: a joyful disco-flavored track with driving piano bass notes and soaring strings.

There are also songs that reflect on Jackson's pain as a child and how he managed to move past it. The album serves as a reminder that even though he passed away, his spirit remains vibrant and alive.

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