WWE Elimination Chamber 2023 Live Results Match Grades Highlights

WWE Elimination Chamber 2023 Live Results Match Grades Highlights


WWE Elimination Chamber 2023 live results match grades highlights

Only days remain until WWE's last premium live event before WrestleMania 39 takes place at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Elimination Chamber 2023 will take place on Tuesday, November 6th at 7 PM ET/PT.

On this episode of the show, fans can expect two Elimination Chamber matches: one for the United States Championship and another for a Raw Women's Championship match. Plus, Edge & Beth Phoenix take on Finn Balor & Rhea Ripley in a mixed tag team battle.

1. Roman Reigns vs. Sami Zayn

Roman Reigns and Sami Zayn had an intense match tonight in the Elimination Chamber at WWE's 2023 live results event. If Reigns can hold onto his lead, he'll be undisputed champion at WrestleMania 39.

Reigns received a barrage of punches before getting knocked down several times. He attempted to land a Superman Punch on Zayn, but Zayn countered with a Helluva Kick and took him down close. Reigns got up and threw another punch at Zayn but again the referee failed to notice it this time.

Fans booed Reigns for this move. Reigns then got up and threw a spear at Zayn, but he quickly dodged it away.

Jey Uso then entered the ring to stop Reigns from hitting Zayn with a chair. Reigns was determined to test his cousin's loyalty for The Bloodline.

He then handed the chair to Jey, but before he could use it, Zayn came in and blocked him. Reigns then slapped Jey in the face.

Once again, fans booed Reigns for testing his cousin Zayn's loyalty to The Big Dog. He then turned on Zayn with several chair shots.

In the end, Reigns retained his title and will now defend it at WrestleMania. While he had an uneventful debut, his story serves to demonstrate that WWE desperately needs someone to help get it back on track.

On the women's side, Natalya and Liv Morgan began the match and sent Nattie into Nella's pod several times before Carmella entered. Nattie received several hits before sending Morgan packing; she also slammed Morgan into Carmella's pod several times before Nikki Cross entered the fray.

2. Austin Theory vs. Seth Rollins

It's the final stop before WrestleMania, and the top WWE Superstars are in action inside the Elimination Chamber to settle scores, get a title shot or even take home a championship belt. We'll be updating this page throughout the night as we follow these matches closely.

The opener of the night featured an exciting matchup between Seth Rollins and Austin Theory. The two men exchanged pin attempts and were quickly back and forth throughout the opening minutes of their battle.

Gargano proved a constant nuisance for Rollins, hitting him with several charges to set up some daring pin attempts. Additionally, Gargano blocked Rollins' slingshot spear before sending him onto the apron for another shot at it.

When Gargano returned to the ring, he hit Rollins with a hurricanrana which sent Rollins flying into other members of the audience.

After the break, the main event featured a fierce brawl between Johnny Gargano and Seth Rollins on the floor. The crowd was totally into this match and worked hard to keep things moving forward.

At some point, Rollins hit Gargano with a powerbomb from above but Gargano countered with a hurricanrana to send Rollins into the crowd below. This was an incredible play that should be remembered.

The second match of the night featured Bobby Lashley and Baron Corbin, who battled it out until victory. The crowd's cheers were loud as people packed into the ring to witness this epic battle.

This match was an exciting way to cap off the show. Bobby Lashley, the victor, will face Baron Corbin next week on SmackDown.

3. Asuka vs. Carmella

WWE Elimination Chamber 2023 concluded with a women's match between Asuka and Carmella. Asuka is an experienced veteran of the women's division and an early contender for Raw Women's Championship at WrestleMania. She has been undefeated for over 900 days, demonstrating her high level of in-ring skill set.

Asuka began the match with a flying dropkick, spinning backfist and running kick to the face. She pushed Royce into her partners before sending Peyton outside with a hip attack.

Morgan and Natalya then entered the match, using the pods to their advantage while trying to eliminate all participants. They took a few of the other women down before Nikki Cross joined in on the action.

Rodriguez was the next to enter, and she quickly established dominance over the rest of the match with her size. She used her strength to take everyone down and went for a pin early on.

After Liv Morgan climbed on top of Asuka's pod and hit a sunset flip powerbomb for the first elimination, all three women were sent into the ring while Morgan stood atop their pods.

Asuka entered the ring and immediately started to beat up Carmella with her superkicks. Additionally, she hit several knees to Carmella's face as punishment.

After the match, fans began shouting "Asuka's gonna kill you". Asuka came after Carmella but she fought off as she hit her with several superkicks before locking in an Asuka lock for victory.

Asuka is ready for her first title defense at WrestleMania, and Bianca Belair stands as the formidable challenger in their fight for RAW Women's Championship at Mania. This match promises plenty of intrigue and could potentially be one of the most thrilling matches on the card this year.

4. Brock Lesnar vs. Bobby Lashley

Last week, Lesnar emerged as the new WWE champion and needed a challenger to take on Reigns at Royal Rumble. Bobby Lashley came through on Raw with victory in a Fatal Five-Way to earn him the chance to face off against Lesnar and claim his title.

Since The Beast Incarnate won the United States Championship in November 2022, Leshley and The Beast have been embroiled in an intense rivalry. Their fights have alternated between singles matches and tag team bouts ever since.

After returning from a lengthy absence, Lesnar launched an attack against his rival before their United States Championship defense against Seth Rollins. Since then, there has been an intensification in their rivalry that will likely continue at Elimination Chamber.

Though it was a brief and hard-hitting encounter, it still made for an intriguing clash between two of the biggest stars in the company. The chemistry was incredible as both men seemed intent on outlasting each other.

In the opening half of the match, Lesnar maintained control of the fight by repeatedly hitting his opponent into an announcer's table. Despite multiple attempts to break it, Lesnar eventually managed to escape with a pinfall victory.

Paul Heyman put the crowd on edge by distracting Lesnar while in the ring, leading to an exchange between them where Lesnar referred to Heyman as a "clown."

The match continued with Leshley attacking Lesnar outside the ring. Lesnar managed to avoid his spear attempt but it was reversed and he was sent through the table.

It was an entertaining match between these two, and it could very well lead to a main event-level feud between them in 2023. With WrestleMania 39 and Elimination Chamber on the horizon, a feud with Lashley makes sense and it would be cool to see them square off on one major PPV.

5. Edge & Beth Phoenix vs. Finn Balor & Rhea Ripley

At the WWE Elimination Chamber 2023 live results match, Edge and Beth Phoenix faced off against Finn Balor and Rhea Ripley of The Judgment Day in a mixed tag team match. As revenge for their loss at the previous Elimination Chamber event, Edge & Beth Phoenix prevailed by winning this one.

It was an exciting match for The Grit Couple as they attempted to overwhelm Judgment Day members. Unfortunately, Dominik Mysterio intervened and gave Ripley her hands in order to knock Edge out of the ring.

The match began with an exciting exchange of moves. Ultimately, Ripley set up Phoenix for a superplex and delivered several hard hits to ensure Edge was down before she went in for the pin.

Judgment Day members began throwing dirty tricks at Edge to try and break his mind, but the Rated R Superstar was able to take them down and secure victory via pinfall.

Edge also did an outstanding job in the first part of the match by placing Balor into an Edgucator submission hold and applying a Spear on him as well.

Beth Phoenix did an admirable job of keeping Rhea Ripley in the match by hitting her with a Glam Slam while outside the ring. This allowed them to secure victory inside by hitting The Shatter Machine onto Balor for their third and final strike of the contest.

This was an exciting match as not only was it a rematch for the tag team titles, but it was also an exciting chance to witness two legendary figures in action. The crowd was buzzing for this thrilling contest and both teams gave their all in order to give fans an unforgettable show.

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