Will an Abandoned C10 Run and Drive?

Will an Abandoned C10 Run and Drive?


Will an ABANDONED C10 Run  Drive Mothballed for YEARS

Restoring a muscle car can cost upwards of $25,000 just to get the engine running again.

If you're searching for an affordable project vehicle that still has potential, a 1967-1972 C10 pickup truck could be just what the doctor ordered.

What to Look For

These days, early Chevy C10 trucks are quite sought-after; however, finding one in good condition can be like winning the lottery. Unfortunately, these old pick-ups often become so damaged and rusted out that they're no longer usable.

Thankfully, some creative individuals can transform these abandoned vehicles into something more than a resto mod. Rustomod Garage recently created an all-wheel drive 1968 Chevy C10 sleeper that boasts 750 horsepower.

Though you may think constructing such a car is impossible, the process is actually quite straightforward. All that's required is some creativity and dedication to get this truck up and running!

With only $300 and some basic tools, a young man from Winnipeg, Canada was able to transform an old, rusty C10 shell into his dream build.

This C10 is more than just a show car; it's an art piece designed with meticulous care. Mike Rolleri and his team at S2S Customs (aka Salvage to Savage) have done an incredible job transforming this C10 into something truly stunning.


If you're searching for a tire to mount on an abandoned C10, there are three primary types: slick, off-road and street. Slick tires feature little to no tread but as much rubber as possible in order to grip the surface. They're best suited for clean roads or race tracks but won't perform well in mud, snow or gravel. Furthermore, these tires have lower rolling resistance and traction than off-roaders so will travel slower down the highway.

When storing tires, make sure they're kept in a cool, dry area without any moisture or liquids nearby. Water can cause condensation to form on the rubber of tires which is detrimental for their lifespan.

Next, measure each tire's tread depth at two evenly spaced intervals around its circumference. If the grooves measure less than 2/32 of an inch in depth, discard the tire.

Before installing a wheel on an abandoned C10, it's wise to clear away any loose debris or rust from its mounting surfaces. After checking lug nuts for tightness and fitting them securely onto the hub of the wheel (called RIST for Remove, Inspect, Snug and Torque), this process ensures proper mounting. If unsure about the condition of an abandoned C10, bring along your mechanic to inspect the vehicle; they can give an idea of what needs to be done and how long it may take.


Old school pickup trucks rely on their brakes to stay secure, sound and running - so it's essential they work properly. Brakes in these systems utilize hydraulic fluid to separate circuits which go through two sets of pistons that stop both wheels simultaneously.

The system can be tailored to meet a range of driving conditions. Selecting the correct rotor size and thickness will either enhance or diminish braking power.

Installing anti-size compound tubs near where brake pads and caliper pistons attach can improve ride quality by dampening vibration during braking moments. This will significantly improve noise from your brakes and eliminate any squeal that might be coming from them.

If you're not sure how to set up your caliper for maximum stopping power, professional assistance is the best course of action. Many companies offering brake services can work with you to find the ideal combination of brakes for your vehicle.

When selecting brakes, there are two primary types: Disc and Drum. Disc brakes tend to be the preferred choice among many riders due to their greater stopping power and mechanical leverage. On the other hand, if your ride is too heavy for rim brakes, then drum brakes could provide similar stopping power while being lighter in weight and requiring less effort on the lever.

Nowadays, many brakes feature ServoWave technology for an instantaneous braking sensation and some power. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to get the lever aligned perfectly with the rotor; however, with practice most people can achieve perfect alignment of their brakes and rotors.


In the world of vintage muscle cars, finding a C10 in a junkyard is not common. Unfortunately, due to modern day skeptics like Rustomod the neanderthals of this world, they've repurposed it as their mobile workshop and showroom. While getting your hands on one of these beauties may not be your first rung on the ladder to your man cave of dreams, be warned - getting your hands on one could be your ticket there!


For your C10 to run and drive smoothly, a quality transmission is paramount. This will send power to your rear wheels through good tires, allowing you to savor every moment of its life.

If your abandoned C10 does not have a transmission, you can still get it up and running with an original equipment replacement. Advance Auto Parts offers a wide selection of options for your C10. Explore our online catalog today to find the ideal transmission cooler products for your project.

If you have some money to spare and some drive, it's possible to turn a rusty old wreck into your dream truck. Dan from Winnipeg, Canada shares how he saved an abandoned C10 by using simple tools and spending only $200. You'll be amazed at how simple it is to assemble such a vehicle - keep an eye out for rusted C10s that need some TLC - or save them from the scrap yard! Don't forget to share this video with your friends - thank you for watching!

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