Where is Sade?

Where is Sade?


Have you been wondering where British Nigerian pop star Sade has been for the last decade? Well, she's back with her sixth studio album, Soldier of Love! After a decade away from the spotlight, Sade is finally ready to return with an album that celebrates her legacy: Love and peace.

She's one of the most successful artists in history, selling more than 50 million records worldwide. However, despite her exotic look, elegant style and distinctive voice she is often described as reclusive.

1. Her voice

Sade has achieved worldwide fame, selling 50 million albums and garnering critical acclaim for her exotic appearance, elegant style and distinct voice. Although widely acclaimed as one of music's most successful and reclusive artists, Sade still finds time to enjoy life's simple pleasures.

She's lived in a small cottage in the English countryside for the past 10 years, taking breaks from performing on the world's most famous musical stage to recharge her batteries. She and her daughter Ila lead an atypical existence, spending most of their time with close friends; even Stuart Matthewman, Andrew Hale and Paul Denman rarely visit her cottage near Stroud.

Her music has a laidback, sophisti-pop sound, yet she also takes time to explore deeper, more intimate emotions - articulating our most complex feelings about heartbreak, desperation and loss with emotive elegance. It's not easy but she has succeeded in becoming one of contemporary R&B's most formidable forces.

Her voice has been described as velvety, breathy and ethereal. This versatility fits perfectly with her music which encompasses R&B in her early works to hip-hop influences on later records, drawing influences from jazz, soul, funk and Afro-Caribbean sounds with an element of electronic experimentation.

In 1983, she and saxophonist Stuart Matthewman formed the band Diamond Life with keyboardist Andrew Hale and bassist Paul Denman. This album became one of the biggest-selling debuts by a British female singer-songwriter; it also set the template for smooth-core R&B that has become so popular recently.

With all the hula-hooping and sequins that came with Sade's meteoric rise to fame, she has always maintained an incredibly serene demeanor. This trait has become her signature trait even after taking many years away from public visibility.

Her captivating, sensual aesthetic that she's been honing over the past decades is as much a part of her signature sound as her powerful vocals. With luminous pale-cocoa skin and wide eyes, plus an English accent that blends in seamlessly across cultures, she exudes beauty from within and without.

2. Her style

Few acts in pop music possess such complete control of their brand as Sade and her band; she, saxophonist-guitarist Stuart Matthewman, bassist Paul Denman and keyboardist Andrew Hale have sold more than 55 million records worldwide and been a constant force in contemporary pop music for nearly 25 years.

Their music is a sophisticated blend of confessional pop, Euro soul with touches of reggae and light funk. She has had an immense impact on a range of artists from hip-hop artists like Rhye to adult contemporary pop songs like Norah Jones'.

Her music has developed from a more straightforward, straightforward style to exploring more nuanced themes. For instance, her take on Thin Lizzy's classic "Still in Love with You" took on a more nuanced tone than its original's more aggressive message.

She has also used her sultry, deep voice to craft a sensual style that remains popular with many fans today. It was this sensual flair that first made her famous and continues to remain so today.

Her music has achieved phenomenal success around the globe and even been covered by superstar rappers such as Rick Ross and Drake. She is an incredible singer with a unique voice.

Although she hasn't released any new music in over a decade, her fan base remains strong. They eagerly await each performance to hear her sing and dance onstage.

Music industry is highly competitive, and artists strive to gain attention. It is no shock that some copy her style and make it their own, but still keeping your uniqueness is essential in order to stand out from competitors.

Since her success in the 1980s, she has maintained a stylish image through her music videos. Additionally, when performing on stage she displays an excellent sense of fashion.

3. Her lyrics

Over the past ten years, she's released several albums such as Love Deluxe and Lovers Rock. Additionally, she's provided vocals to films but hasn't had her own original song featured on a soundtrack since 1986's Absolute Beginners.

Sade was a pioneer of pop-rock that fused R&B and rap. Her effortless sound remains an inspiring landmark in contemporary music, inspiring artists such as Rhye and Jessie Ware to reach new heights.

Her lyrics are poetic and straightforward, yet they possess an unmistakable weight that makes them impossible to ignore. Her songs don't celebrate fame or love - rather, they focus on living in the moment with all its responsibilities that come along with that.

No surprise then that Sade's latest album, Flower of the Universe, was inspired by her daughter Leah after years of silence and divorce. Although she hadn't returned to recording since 2010's Soldier of Love LP, Sade has not stopped living life.

She recently shared an incredibly intimate story with British Vogue about her relationship with Ian Watts, their 13-year-old daughter Ila and Granny Annie - who suffers from coronavirus - as well as information about their upcoming tour.

Amid all the rumors, she told People magazine that although "it hasn't been easy," she has "found love again" and is focusing on her family and health. It has been a while since she made music, but her voice remains strong and clear as ever.

Her words are similar to The Temptations' classic hymn of devotion, only with a more contemporary flare. This track stands as testament to love's transformative power and our willpower to keep going.

In many ways, it's the epitome of what the album stands for. Her dulcet voice and serene lyrics serve as a reminder that life doesn't need to be lived in haste; it can still be simple and lovely.

4. Her music

Sade's music is a dynamic mix of confessional pop and Euro soul with elements of reggae and lite funk. It conveys an air of sophistication, as she effortlessly captures the moment with both her voice and style.

Helen Folasade Adu was born in Ibadan, Nigeria but raised in England where she pursued art and fashion at Central Saint Martins. Her parents divorced when she was four; however, her mother Anne Hayes took care of both her and older brother Banji Adu until his graduation from Central Saint Martins at Central Saint Martins.

Eventually, she relocated to Stroud in the English countryside to renovate a cottage. There, she has lived an atypical life - avoiding tabloid attention and giving few interviews.

Her unassuming attitude has paid off; she's sold more than 50 million records and is one of pop music's most successful artists. Additionally, she's taught modern generations a valuable lesson about managing their fame.

In the early '80s, she formed her own band with saxophonist Stuart Matthewman, bassist Paul Denman and keyboardist Andrew Hale to release an array of albums blending jazz, R&B and soul. Diamond Life (1984) reached platinum sales status; Promise (1985), Stronger Than Pride (1988) and Love Deluxe (1992) all further refined the sound they had created.

Each of Sade's five studio albums - including the groundbreaking Lovers Rock which marked the end of a ten year hiatus - was carefully crafted to showcase her distinctively cool and airy voice. Her voice is at the core of what she does; it captures emotions others cannot: sadness, longing, anxiety, frustration.

She's created songs that range from minor discomfort to full-on catharsis, with lyrics as insightful and nuanced as they are direct. Her ability to accurately capture complex emotions in her own voice is truly remarkable, making her songs timeless classics that remain essential today.

After taking a brief hiatus from music, she returned in March 2018 with the brand-new track "Flower of the Universe," featured on Ava DuVernay's film A Wrinkle in Time. Additionally, she recently revealed that she has been dating a transgender man.

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