Where is Playa Fly?

Where is Playa Fly?


where is playa fly

Playa Fly (born Ibn Young on September 2, 1977) is a rapper from Memphis' South Parkway area. He was previously affiliated with the Three 6 Mafia but parted ways in 1995 due to financial disputes and philosophical differences.

He pursued a solo career and released one independent album before signing a three-album contract with Super Sigg Records. His reissue Just Gettin' It On was darker and more violent than his other releases; it spoke about killing, murdering and homicide to the remaining members of Three 6.


Playa Fly is an American rapper from Memphis who previously collaborated with Triple 6 Mafia (then known as Lil' Fly). Unfortunately, he left the group in 1995 due to financial disputes and philosophical differences. Subsequently, he released one independent album before signing a three-album contract with Super Sigg Records.

He released his debut album, Fly Shit, in 1996 on Super Sigg. It featured songs such as Nappy Hair & Gold Teeth, Da Show, "Crownin' Me," and "Flizy Comin' (Triple Bitch Mafia pt. 2)".

Playa Fly created his own label named after his grandmother, Minnie Mae Muzik, after leaving Super Sigg. On this label he began production on Fly2K with Diamond Records which was originally set for release in 2000. Unfortunately, midway through the project Playa Fly was arrested for possession of narcotics and sent to prison to serve a seven year sentence in 1999. While in jail he continued rapping over the phone ("Flexxin' Skit" and "Sap Sucka") but ultimately had to postponed Fly2K production.

Playa Fly was previously part of the triple 6 mafia, but his relationship with them ended in 1995 after he released "Triple Bitch Mafia," an iconic diss record against them. Following his departure from Triple 6, Playa Fly released several underground hits such as "Nobody Needs Nobody," which gained notoriety for its vitriolic remarks directed at his former group.

His music often focused on violence and crime, though he did make some comedic songs as well. His most popular track was the "Triple Bitch Mafia" diss track.

Fly is a music artist, fashion designer and photographer. His designs draw inspiration from current trends while his photos often grace glossy magazines. On social media platforms, Fly boasts an avid following where he posts frequently about both his professional career and personal life.

Recently, he has been involved with various people. Some of these relationships were short lived while others continued for several years. He has been linked to celebrities and models such as Katy Perry, Kylie Jenner and Yoko Ono; there have also been rumors he might be dating rapper Young Dolph; however this has yet to be confirmed.

Net Worth

Playa Fly is an American rapper born on September 2, 1977 in Memphis, Tennessee. He was part of the Triple 6 Mafia until 1995 when he pursued a solo career and released the LP Fly Sh*t in 1996.

After leaving Three 6 Mafia, Playa Fly embarked on his solo career under the moniker Lil' Fly. He recorded and released one album under this moniker before signing to Super Sigg Records in 2009.

He has collaborated with other artists such as DJ Paul, Young Dolph and K Shiesty. Additionally, he toured with his former group the Triple 6 Mafia.

Playa Fly has had several issues with record labels and management, in spite of his success. Additionally, he was arrested multiple times for drug possession in 1999 and sent to prison.

Playa Fly's most recent single, "Sap Sucka," was an enormous hit and reached number two on the Billboard charts in 2016. Aside from his music career, Playa Fly is also well-known for his social media presence; he boasts a sizable fan base on Facebook and an expansive following on Instagram.

Playa Fly is widely regarded as one of the most successful and prominent American rappers, with an estimated net worth of $3 million.

At 16 years old, Lil' Fly launched his career as a rapper under the moniker Playa Fly. Later on, he changed to adopt another moniker for public appearances: Playa.

The rapper had an enthusiastic fan base in Memphis, Tennessee where he grew up. He toured with Triple 6 Mafia and also performed solo sets.

Throughout his tenure with the band, he amassed an impressive discography that included songs such as "Hit the Road", "Fly Sh*t" and "Fly Sh*t (remix)". Furthermore, he had several mixtapes to his credit.

Playa Fly has released several albums and EPs as a solo artist, as well as making guest appearances on other artists' music projects.

Forbes estimates Playa Fly's net worth at between $1-5 million. A native of Tennessee, United States, he is married to Kimberly Johnson.


Playa Fly is one of Memphis' renowned lyricists and has earned accolades for his contributions to the city's rap culture. Born Ibn Young (not to be confused with another rapper called Lil' Fly), he grew up in South Parkway Village neighborhood of Memphis, Tennessee under the guidance of his grandmother Minnie Mae Muzik (a member of Church of God in Christ) and father Bill Chill (a devoted Muslim).

He is renowned for his powerful rap verses that draw in tens of thousands of admirers who often bow down to the power of his words. His style of lyricism often differs from other southern rap artists in that it addresses more political topics and explores deeper meanings, making him stand out among competitors.

In 1996, he released his debut album with Super Sigg Records entitled Fly Shit. This included hits like "Nappy Hair & Gold Teeth", "Da Show" and "Flizy Comin' (Triple Bitch Mafia pt. 2)"; it also featured other artists such as Gangsta Blac, Criminal Manne, Icy K, D-A-V and Tay-Dog.

On his solo albums, Fly has a smooth and passionate delivery that shows his ability to reflect on hardships he has endured. His songs provide great entertainment for listeners, often with uplifting lyrics.

Take, for instance, his song "Write Sum Bump," featuring fellow South Parkway representative Gangsta Blac. On this track, Fly reflects on how writing helps him cope with the hardships in his life.

Playa Fly has achieved immense popularity within Memphis' music community and beyond, becoming a legendary figure in its rap scene. He is widely regarded as an influential force.

Playa Fly has achieved great success with his solo career and has had an immense impact on many young rap cliques throughout the South. In Decatur, Georgia, his group I.B.N uses his real name as their name; later that month in December 2010, Playa Fly released "Blast Off," the lead single from Mafia All Day album that had been delayed for two years.


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