Where Can I Watch the World Cup?

Where Can I Watch the World Cup?


Where can I watch the world cup

The world cup is upon us and soccer enthusiasts across the country want to know where they can watch it. It promises an exciting tournament filled with thrills, rivalries, and heartache - what could be better?

Watching the world cup on television is certainly the best place to watch it, but streaming services also provide access. Vidgo is one of the best budget-friendly options for streaming the entire tournament at an affordable cost.

YouTube TV

The world cup is the most anticipated sporting event of the year, and millions are eager to watch it online. Fortunately, there are several options for doing so.

One way to accomplish this is with YouTube TV, a live streaming service from Google. This streaming platform works across various devices such as Chromecast, Roku, and Apple TV; plus it works on smartphones and tablets too!

This subscription service boasts an impressive channel selection and cloud DVR functionality. Additionally, it provides subscribers with exclusive features like 5.1 surround sound.

For sports fans, YouTube TV offers the ideal way to watch the world cup. The streaming service's channel lineup boasts 85 broadcast, cable and local sports networks.

Mosaic Mode is another great feature, allowing you to divide the screen into four quadrants and watch up to four games simultaneously. Unfortunately, this feature isn't yet available for all games.

You can watch the world cup on your television if you have a 4K-capable device such as Chromecast or Nvidia SHIELD. This will provide the optimal viewing experience, though there may be an additional fee for this feature.

YouTube TV will stream a number of major sporting events, such as the NCAA March Madness tournament and NBA Playoffs. Plus, there is an impressive library of original YouTube content including sports shows and movies.

YouTube TV is an ideal option for streaming the world cup and boasts many great features, such as its robust DVR and wide selection of channels. Plus, it's one of the easiest services to use at an affordable price point with plenty of content at their disposal. For those who want to cut the cord from cable television without breaking their budget, YouTube TV could be just what the doctor ordered!


If you're searching for an affordably priced way to watch the world cup online, Vidgo is an excellent option. This streaming service provides a diverse selection of sports, news, entertainment and kids channels at less than half the cost of cable subscription.

Advanced playback capabilities enable viewers to view shows aired within 24 hours of a live event, which can be particularly helpful during games that are delayed an hour or two. Furthermore, this live TV streaming service stands out among others by not requiring credit card or bank information for set up an account and boasts an impressive selection of Spanish-language channels.

Vidgo does have some limitations, however. Most notably, its lack of on-demand content necessitates relying on Cloud DVR functionality which means you can only watch shows recorded from servers rather than from a device in your home.

Vidgo boasts an impressive channel lineup, boasting numerous sports channels such as ESPN, FS1, FS2, ACC Network, NFL Network, Redzone and Big Ten Network. Unfortunately it lacks regional Fox Sports networks which are essential for fans of local MLB, NBA and NHL teams.

Vidgo excels in college sports, boasting every major NCAA conference network (including ESPNU) included in its base package. It does not have CBS, which airs SEC football games, but instead provides AT&T TV and AT&T TV NOW for subscribers to enjoy on-the-go.

Vidgo's general entertainment channels are quite impressive for the price point. It boasts several popular family-friendly channels like Disney Channel or FX, plus classic movies and wholesome television shows. Furthermore, there are a good number of right-leaning news sources like One America News or i24 News.

Sling TV

Watching the World Cup online with Sling TV is one of the best and cheapest options available. This app-based service works across various devices such as Smart TVs, games consoles, and even your smart phone.

Sling TV provides an expansive selection of channels, plus you can add-on bundles for a small extra fee. In addition to the standard channels included with subscription, Sling TV also provides popular sports channels like ESPN and Fox Soccer Channel.

Sling TV may not offer as wide a selection as some of its competitors, but it still provides an excellent option for cord cutters who want to forgo cable subscription fees. Its two main channel packages -- Sling Orange and Sling Blue -- provide plenty of sports, movies and other entertainment channels.

Another distinguishing factor between Sling and its competitors is that Sling boasts a more robust DVR service than some of its rivals. It provides 50 hours of free storage space, as well as up to 200 hours with its premium plan subscribers.

With the World Cup underway, there are plenty of big matches being played that people want to watch. While most streaming services cost $35 per month, new subscribers can take advantage of a free trial period to try them out before committing.

If you're searching for a way to watch the World Cup from anywhere, using a VPN is an ideal solution. A VPN will mask your IP address - the number that determines where you are located - making it appear that you are accessing content from the US, thus circumventing geo-restrictions.

Fubo TV

Streaming is an ideal way to watch live TV online without needing a cable subscription. All that is required is an compatible device and reliable internet connection in order to take advantage of streaming services. Thankfully, many world cup games will be accessible worldwide via streaming - even in the United States!

Fubo TV is an online streaming service that gives subscribers access to various sports channels. It has various packages, from the entry-level Premier plan up through the international Sports Plus package. Its web and mobile interface are user friendly with plenty of features for sports enthusiasts.

One of the most useful features on Instagram is its "Lookback" feature, which enables you to watch events up to 72 hours ago. This can come in handy if you miss a game or want to catch up on an old favorite show.

FuboTV's cloud DVR allows you to record shows and movies. The default plan offers 30 hours of storage, but you can upgrade to 500 or 1,000 for even greater capacity.

If you're uncertain which plan to select, try signing up for a free trial period first. This will let you test out the service and see if you like it before committing to either monthly or quarterly subscription payments.

FuboTV boasts a diverse selection of sports channels as well as news and entertainment channels like ABC News Live, CBSN, FOX News and MSNBC. For financial news you can count on CNBC or Cheddar Business.

The service is accessible on desktops, mobile devices, smart TVs and streaming players. It works with top brands like LG, Samsung, Hisense and Vizio.

DirecTV Stream

Sports fans will certainly look forward to the world cup each summer. In the US, it's easy to watch on television or stream it online - regardless of your viewing preference!

DirecTV Stream is one of the streaming services that lets you watch live TV online at an affordable cost. It has all the essentials, such as access to local channels and sports packages, plus a Cloud DVR for recording shows you want to watch later.

The service provides over a dozen channels, many of which are broadcast in high definition. Some, like Fox and FS1 (which airs all 64 games during the tournament), can be accessed on both satellite and streaming versions of the service.

DIRECTV Stream also features voice control, allowing you to speak commands into the remote and have it open apps or search for TV shows. It's an incredibly helpful way for customers to engage with the service, particularly on mobile devices where keyboard access may not be available.

Another distinguishing feature of DIRECTV Stream is its live streaming in high definition, something not widely available elsewhere. This represents a vast improvement from earlier versions of the service which played videos at low resolution for several minutes at a time.

DIRECTV Stream offers live streaming and VOD (video-on-demand). Its pricing is comparable to YouTube TV and Hulu With Live TV, plus it includes unlimited cloud DVR storage - though it lacks original content like its rivals.

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