What Happened With Willne and Talia Mar?

What Happened With Willne and Talia Mar?


Talia Mar is a British singer-songwriter and social media influencer with an expansive Instagram following.

Talia and Simon Minter began dating in 2017, though they did not publicly announce their relationship until 2018.

Their touching photo has left fans around the world delighted, celebrating their engagement. Read on to discover more about this popular YouTube couple.

What happened with willne?

Recently, YouTuber willne revealed on a recent episode of the What's Good podcast and Tiny Meat Gang show that he experienced a seizure while attending a show with his girlfriend Mia. Sitting in the audience, Cody Ko and Noel Miller joined him for support as they all witnessed what transpired.

His video revealed that he suffers from Reflex Anoxic Seizures, a condition which causes him to faint when exposed to blood or something with blood in it. This condition is common among those with family histories of it and can be life threatening if experienced while one is standing upright.

Will revealed that before last year, his circumcision had never been an issue for him. But that all changed when Noel Miller joked about it and how important it is to him; this became too much for Will to bear and eventually resulted in him crumbling under its weight.

After his seizure had subsided and he had recovered, he was taken backstage for some relaxation. Later that night he shared on his YouTube channel that he felt "recovering like a champ" and hasn't experienced another seizure since.

At a Tiny Meat Gang show, an incident was captured on tape and posted to both What's Good and Tiny Meat Gang YouTube channels. To date, this clip continues to be immensely popular - boasting hundreds of thousands of views across both platforms.

Willne described that he experienced a seizure due to his hypersensitivity to blood, and it had been years since he'd last experienced one. Thus, this episode came as quite the shock for him.

Additionally, Will shared that it was his first time meeting fellow YouTubers Cody Ko and Noel Miller. Both were present when Will experienced a seizure.

WillNE kept up with his friends and went back to the show to watch Noel Miller perform. Additionally, he joined Mia for this occasion.

What happened with talia mar?

Simon "Miniminter" Minter and his girlfriend Talia Mar have got everyone excited with their engagement announcement. In a recent Instagram photo, the couple is proudly wearing their diamond ring as thousands of fans offer their congratulations in the comments section.

Simon and Talia have been together since 2017, though they kept their relationship quiet for a while. In 2018, however, they finally revealed their relationship on Instagram. With four years of dating under their belts, the couple shares plenty of adorable photos on Instagram from their travels around the world as well as other adventures they've taken together.

Talia and Alex both have a large social media following. She posts daily life updates on Instagram as well as vlogs and song covers, plus she has her own channel on YouTube where she uploads different content.

She boasts an impressive number of subscribers, with approximately 1 million on her main account and 1.2 million on a secondary one. Her videos consist of challenges, vlogs and personal clips; in addition to this she shares plenty of music online too - earning a comfortable living from her career on the web.

Talia enjoys shopping and usually visits a store at least once every week. She enjoys trying on new outfits and keeping up with the newest fashion trends, while also taking time out for herself and her friends for some fun nights out.

Her YouTube channel is immensely popular, boasting more than 900,000 subscribers and 84 million views of her videos. She often shares posts about her everyday life on there as well as makeup advice to her fans.

Talia is a tattoo artist and singer-songwriter. She's released several singles and an EP to date.

The 28-year-old singer has amassed an impressive YouTube following, with many subscribers and highly viewed videos. She's been singing professionally for over a decade, with several of her songs reaching the top of the charts. Additionally, she loves working out - often having multiple training sessions per week!

What happened with ksi?

KSI is an influential influencer who made his name through YouTube. With over ten years of experience under his belt, he's known for his hilarious videos and social media following of millions worldwide.

KSI may be a social media star, but he still has to manage real life issues. One major burden he must shoulder is his family life.

He recently went through a lot of drama with his brother Deji. This began in November 2018 as an ongoing feud between them.

Things took an ugly turn when KSI's brother Deji released diss tracks and attempted to access KSI's personal bank account.

After this incident, KSI created a video in which he refuted his brother's assertions. In the clip, he calls his claims "hoaxes" and also makes an insightful point about the brutality of Hollywood's entertainment industry.

He also acknowledges some of his decisions as unwise, such as not booking Tyron Woodley for a fight with Dillon Danis.

On January 14th, he is looking forward to facing off against FaZe Temperrr in a boxing match.

He is worried about his weight being affected due to all the stress. Therefore, he plans on working hard to maintain his current level of fitness and shed pounds.

Another issue he faces is his parents not appearing in his videos anymore, as he feels mature enough to keep them away. Additionally, he's immensely proud of his brother for handling the situation well.

KSI and his brother have managed to successfully collaborate, working on their businesses together. Hopefully this trend can continue into the future.

KSI and his brother Deji are well-known YouTubers. They have created numerous videos over the years, some humorous while others more serious. The Olatunji brothers boast an expansive following on YouTube as well as success in business - they own Prime Hydration!

What happened with talia mar & ksi?

Talia Mar and Simon Minter have been dating since 2017, earning themselves over one million followers on social media channels. In that time they've visited some of the world's most exotic locations while filling their bellies on trips to America and China. Both possess an admirable respect for each other's cultures while keeping their intimate affairs out of the spotlight for too long. Despite having such busy lifestyles, Talia Mar and Simon Minter have managed to build a successful relationship despite its obvious drawbacks.

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